We saw the new Sonic trailer drop. And, uh, it's a thing. I kinda zoned out after Sonic said, 'gotta go fast', and started thinking about Discord Me. Gotta go fast. (To be clear, we officially and unofficially do not endorse the upcoming Sonic movie.)

Shylor came to the same conclusion entirely independent of myself. So we rallied up the team, and got to work.

We're sitting at an 88% improvement with server response time from last month. And we're not finished.


For those of you not familiar with the development process, when we program changes, we submit them in small pieces called 'commits'. In April, we submitted 389 commits, because we love you and want to see your Discord servers succeed.


What kind of update post would this be without progress on the stats system? It's coming along, and we'll likely be releasing it in the next two weeks. When we realized our site's loading speed could make it more difficult for users to find and join servers, we shifted focus. We'll be back on track with advanced stats soon.


Here's a summary of other bug fixes and improvements up to

  • fixed viewing individual posts requiring the user to be logged in
  • fixed styling issues with the bot join protection page for better mobile support
  • restricted max team size to 10 (for adding new members, existing teams unaffected)
  • made server-side changes to improve issues that were affecting stability
  • changed the master slot's color from green to purple
  • added flair to highlight list sorting buttons
  • implemented post requirement for being shown with the random button (you need at least one post, make it exciting, you are talking to future members here)
  • made various caching and data retrieval optimizations to improve site performance
  • cleaned up various instances of invalid frontend code