We’ve redesigned the server cards you’ll see on the Discord Me homepage, and hopefully, you’ll find they help your server get noticed.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words...

The new cards feature a fancy cutout design for your server’s header image, making it even more attractive. Likewise, your Platinum or Gold banners are much more visible. In the past, we just had a small colored ribbon. Now, we’ve added a much larger ribbon that spells out “Platinum” and “Gold”. Much more noticeable, but not overbearing.

...But Also Words Are Still Important

We have made it much easier to join a server, with a Join button directly on the card. No more need to click into the server’s page if you don’t want to. But why would anyone want to join your server without clicking through to read your description? We fixed that too - you now get a short description that shows up directly below your server image and categories.

By default, this description is the beginning of your full description. However, going to Edit Server -> Details will bring you to our Summary option, where you can add in a shorter description that perfectly fits the allowed space. Put your most important information here. It’s going to be most people’s first (or only) impression of your server.

Coming Soon

We decided to tackle this redesign in two parts. The upgraded Master and Platinum banners are coming soon.