Spook Your Friends Some More

Spooktober is almost over, but the climax of this month is yet to come. Are you still having a hard time trying to get into the Halloween spirit? If the other ideas didn’t fit you, you should know that we gathered something new to help you and your friends have a spooky time while keeping social distance. Gather 'round the fire, grab some marshmallows, and have fun!

Use bots to enchant your servers

The community created a lot of great Halloween bots, which can help your server get into the spirit faster. Here is a list with a few of them, and a short description:

Ghosty – he will react whenever someone says a spooky thing like ghost, spider and such.

Trick’cord Treat – An official Discord bot. This one is all fun and games - until someone gets chills down their spine! Trick-or-Trickers will be visiting your server now and then. Treat (or trick) them using the commands to receive an item. The person with the most items collected will become the Champion of Halloween!

Waffles Halloween Event – This bot is basically a customizable economy-based bot that offers a great trick-or-treat system.

If you’ve tried all of these, including the ones we posted previously and you still find yourself in a not-so-spooked situation, we recommend one last thing…

Go for a walk

Sometimes everybody needs to take a breath of fresh air and the autumn season often comes with spooky landscapes in many towns around the world. Call your friends, equip yourselves with the terrifying masks, and roam around the city, visit abandoned houses and areas (legally). This activity is not only healthy, but sometimes scary given the right circumstances. Remember to be careful and that your family and online friends wait for you at home.

Given that the spooky season is coming to an end, we want to praise all of you for being this creative! We’ve seen a lot of great communities turning to a Halloween theme and we’ve found a lot of inspiration in that! Don’t forget to make the most of these scary times, while staying safe and having fun with your friends and community!