Passive income from watching videos on

The Lootably offer wall on Earnit offers our users to watch videos for Diamonds through a website called "".

Here is a short breakdown of how it works:

  • You will earn 8 diamonds for 4 videos.
  • You must have at least 1 ad throughout each video, and each video is usually 1-3 minutes long.
  • The videos autoplay so you can leave fully AFK.
  • In other words - you can earn passive money while sleeping!
  • Early estimates show that if you would leave it on for 24/7 with 100% uptime, you would earn about $12.6 per week!
  • Just sign up with email and password, and start watching! You'll forget it's even running. Easy as pie.

To get started with earning by watching videos, you can head to your dashboard at and click the "Watch Videos" card!