discord.gg/executiverp discord.gg/Q23Akc9QGn Full Economy Roleplay Server 350+ Discord Members + LSPD Discord Male & Female Drip Controller Friendly Active PD / EMS / Mechanics / Car Dealers K9 Unit + Multiple other PD Units Full Police Evidence Script + Evidence Destroy feature for criminals Police Helicopters EMS Helicopters Multiple Whitelist + Non-Whitelist Jobs Casino Dumpster diving Apartments & Houses (with preview and renting) = Ikea to decorate Motels Secret drug locations for Meth, Lsd, Heroin, Coke, Weed, Money Wash, Sell spot (drug dealer), Drug Processing, Secret Missions Meth van cooking (meth runs) Break down drugs and sell to peds Full Police CAD System + Custom Cars / Clothes LSPD Discord Custom Mechanic Shops House Robberies / Cargo Runs Yacht Heist / Jewellery Heist / Store Robberies etc Car lockpicking Police Database Full Prison Interior Racing Competitions Regular events (fight nights, parties, strip club events, car shows and meetups) Over 300 custom cars