We created a new editing contest in cooperation with @EdwardTheAussie, @GhoulishJoe and @Dominik (sponsor)! It's about cars, let me explain it short:

  • We collected stock footage and music so you don't have to worry about that! We'll add it below. You can use your own VFX, sound effects and transitions, but to keep it fair you can't use other stock footage and music than given.
  • A maximum amount of 3 minutes, to keep it easy to compare with other projects.
  • The story is about traveling with the car and make nice memories. We like to see that reflected in your video as well.
  • We don't want to hinder your creativity, so no extra point! You can discuss things with others in 🎬〡filmmaking and 📲〡get-feedback!
  • You can submit your final video in 🚗〡contest-submissions!

What can you win? First price: @Event Winner role and Discord Nitro (boosts)! Second price: @Event Winner role

Good luck! The event team