We have reworked our old ways of how we used to add roles here! Now instead of drearily adding roles one by one with commands, you are now able to add them in #information instead of #bot-lab, simply by reacting to the emote specified to that role!

All you have to do is click the role you want and POOF you're now much cooler than you were before!!!

Since this has been recently added in a 3 year old server, since most of you already have tons of roles from adding them manually, you'll have to click the role, then unclick it to remove the role. This way the bot can re-sync itself with you.

Other than that the Member role is still the same as before. You have to add that role by typing d!rank member but, if you're reading this, there is no need to even touch that command ever again. This is to restrict foul raiders from getting through the security gates of the server. Don't worry, we've made it more obvious and listed in more than one small spot.

The list of all the joinable roles has been updated too! Before we updated all of this, our old role lists were very outdated. Not showing all the roles a person could even join! Well now every last role you can obtain has been listed in #information! (Except certain bot and staff roles.)

Now that mee6 is Premium, levelups will be A LOT faster! HOWEVER, new members must wait 1 full day before they can start earning levels. This is to stop new raiders from reaching level 5 in the first 3 minutes and wrecking havoc on the server with inappropriate images and such. However, after that first day, they can earn levels and reach level 5 after. This is due to the "Pending User" role that will automatically remove itself 24 hours after the user has joined.

~Thanks for Reading all of this and staying with Furmeme!~