If you're reading this, you should press that green button up there!!! Join us! We're ready to welcome anyone and everyone to the server!

Once you join you will need to register to the server. Ping any online staff for help and support, we don't mind one bit!

Please note that even though the server has furries, you are NOT required to BE a furry or even LIKE furries to stay with us. Our server is 50% (of the good and not weird) furries and 50% people who like memes and other random stuff. We talk about music, games, art, and sometimes hosts contests for free nitro or amazon gifts!

We have: 😂 Memes 🗨 Active Community 🎨 Art 😘 Nsfw 🎵 Music 🤖 Custom Bots made by the owner 😝 Custom emojis 🤝 Affiliating/Partnering 🦊 Furries 🗒 Roleplays 🆙 Leveling system 🎉 Contests 💯 500+ members 👤 And tons of roles to customize yourself in!