Greek Life Social

A growing International 17+ LGBTQ+ English Speaking Community; focused on making friends, chillin, and playing games together.

Boasting Active VCs and text chats,
Community Game Nights, and Giveaways!

Anyone and everyone welcome

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A growing International 17+ LGBTQ+ English Speaking Community; focused on making friends, chillin, and playing games together.

Boasting Active VCs and text chats,
Community Game Nights, and Giveaways!

Anyone and everyone welcome

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Welcome to Spooktober here at Greek Life Social!


Along with a new Icon, we are also opening up a limited time Spooktober themed chats! #spooktober chat is for Halloween, October, and Autumn themed posts! Post and chat about your Costumes, Decorations, and Anything October related

Join the Watch Party Voice chat to watch scary movies! Give yourself the What Party role to join us in watching spooky halloween movies!

Join us for our Greek Life Event now through October! Winner wins nitro!

GLS community game night!

The staff at GLS are putting together a few community game nights to help de stress! Join us for Movie nights, Among Us, Secrete hitler, Magic the Gathering, D+D, jack box, and much more!

[Attention] Moderator Hacked

We had a moderator suffer from a exploit in discord. Discord has been notified and is investigating. All of our staff have 2FA on, but the exploit still allowed the ban between 50-100 users within about a minute before they were stopped. All bans have been revoked, so if you were affected, there should be no issue joining back. As far as we know No personal info was leaked, and the only thing the hackers were able to do was rapidly ban users

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