What is Son of a Bits Crypto Retirement Plan and how it will benefit the holders.

For the first 14 days, a total of 06% from the sell tax will go towards the CRP wallet, followed by 03% thereafter.

In the very near future, the money from the CRP wallet will be utilized to buy promising stocks, established crypto during the crypto winter period, franchises and much more.

These investments will in turn be sold at a profit, and the revenue generated, will be added back to the CRP wallet.

As the business grows, an investment consultancy partnership will be formed for expert advice to further increase the revenue. This model will work nonstop for a period of 10 years.

An app will be developed for the ease of the investors to track each and every movement from the CRP wallet. Together with the app, an electronic spreadsheet integration will be implemented so that I can breakdown every transaction, transfer and revenue.

Periodic news and update will be sent to the holders about the progress.

A counter/clock will be added to the Dapp as a countdown towards the expiry of the CRP tenure. This will keep our hearts beating towards our financial freedom.

The roadmap towards building the CRP will definitely be challenging and there will be speed bumps. With expert help and commitment, i am adamant, SOBs Crypto Retirement Plan will work wonders.

Remember, CRP is my sole idea, hence raw and in its infantile stage, therefore, I am open to ideas, business advice and willing to work with like-minded individuals.

Spread the word and let's all RETIRE together.

Looking forward to a brighter future.

Founder, Son of a Bit. Your financial freedom