Hello beautiful Members of Hypnotic Haven! Today is Giveaway time! As a Thank You for supporting this wonderful Community, we are giving away 2 Nitro Subscriptions (1Month). Any one can enter the Nitro Classic Giveaway in #normal-giveaway as long as they have accepted the rules and have roles assigned. Also, we have a giveaway for Discord Nitro (the normal one with the boosts) in #special-giveaway anyone that has either the ? Very Active Role (2000 Messages sent in the last 2 weeks), has the ? Brought Friends Role (Invited 5 People) or the Nitro Booster Role may enter! Want to enter? Why don't you aquire one of these roles? (More Info in #faq) Both Giveaways will last 7 Days (till 20th of August ~6PM UTC+2) from now on. To enter just click the reaction of the Bot. Cheers!

Other Announcements should be dropping soon also, so stay tuned!

Have Fun and happy Giveaway Time!

  • PrincessZoe