18+ Dating/Hypnosis/BDSM/CGL
Moonlit nights, ruined makeup, running mascara.. a scintillating respite from the daily grind. Fair warning though, once that threshold is crossed all bets are off and safety is nothing more than a veneer melting upon a touch, a whisper or a nod. 'Indulge your darkness..' We are all about pushing limits and boundaries, within reasonable limits ofcourse.. Hypnotic Seduction is an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a safe virtual mindscape for hypno enthusiasts, kinksters, and bdsm fetishists. The server is 18+ and we may require ID verification in case we suspect anyone to be underage.
Welcome all to The Trance Tour! An SFW fun and friendly hangout server for anyone aged 16-35 looking to make new friends. Our foundations are based on hypnosis and we encourage those with an interest to explore their interest and share any questions. Not your thing? No problem! Here at The Trance Tour we aim to provide something for everyone; with channels ranging from art, cg/l, gaming and debate you'll never get bored. Something missing? Suggest any channel you'd like and the staff team will put it up for discussion, provided ample support is shown. The Trance Tour aims to create a safe and welcoming environment for all our members, that's why we encourage anyone who encounters a problem to speak to staff so action can be taken. We also provide safe spaces for people to discuss their problems and seek support or advice. Harassment or toxicity of any kind will not be tolerated. Please note we are not a hook-up server.
Come and join us at the Scarey Turtle bar! We can offer, arcade type discord games where you can adventure to your hearts content! Roleplay, where you are free to make a character (or not) and explore within the bounds of your own mind! Hypnosis, where you can get your brain scrambled! Or just generally relax and take a load off. And wide range of interesting links and weird things pertaining to whatever your heart desires. We also have a variety of roles and also take suggestions for emojis and channels and roles. Here at the bar, we are friendly types, we don't bite, so don't be scared but we do ask that you CONFORMCONFORMCONFORM TO OUR TURTLE OVERLORD. https://discord.gg/dPQpzW4 https://imgur.com/a/g6Uf2yQ
A fun server for all things related to Perpetuality's productions, which include guided meditation, guided hypnosis, guided tulpamancy, and much more. Ever wanted to meditate and gain enlightement? hypnotize yourself to do things and become better? Want a REAL friend to share your head with? want a REAL friend to bind into some object and show them love and get love back? Everything from A to Z that's related to all things weird and out there, here, today.
A small Discord server dedicated primarily to the /r/hypnofur subreddit, and secondarily to anyone looking for furry hypnosis stuff.
A structured, safe, & fun consent-based online home focusing on Erotic & Recreational Hypnosis with a positive social polyamorous atmosphere for healthy, omnisexual, mature, intuitive, and adaptive adults, kinksters, furries, and LGBTQIAP individuals to connect via Voice, Text, or Group Sessions. The server emphasizes Public Play, Power Exchange, Planned Events, Casual Trance, Open Trigger Use, Roleplaying, BDSM, & more, with a variety of affectionate, romantic, sensual, sexual, creative, hypnotic, and primal activities. Members are free to express themselves within the confines of our rules, which are in place and constantly reviewed to strictly maintain the vision of our server and ensure the protection of all our members; everyone can be themselves here so long as they respect our rules.
Welcome to Mind-Petting Zoo, the 18+ Petplay Hypnosis community! We offer a bunch of things, such as! 🐾 A lot of different pet roles 🐾 Specific channels for owners and pets 🐾 Trance voice and text channels for groups and 1-on-1s 🐾 Plenty of NSFW 🐾 Lots of pets, pats and the such! 🐾 A friendly staff and community
Love the idea of hypnosis? Come join the Hypno Lounge! A server about furry hypnosis. We've got art, and even IRL stuff! Also has a NSFW section.
A hybrid Roleplay and Hypnosis server with a strong emphasis on community. We also have a host of hypnosis artists partnered with the server ranging from manippers to SFM artists~
Hello and welcome to Kinky In Minnesota! We are a 18+ Minnesota based BDSM server all about making friends and connections within our nearby community. ~Self-assign roles easily ~ Share your memes ~ Check out various channels We have both sfw and nsfw channels available to all members who age verify ranging from general chat to selfies, nudes, kink discussion channels and more. Come join us!
Welcome to Angelic Distraction, a new 18+ server. Help us grow! Our namesake angel is a talented 18 year old vocal artist who specializes in BDSM modeling and recording both pre-made and custom audio and video hypnosis files, all of which are written by skilled and experienced hypnotists exclusively for her to perform! This server provides a platform for kinksters and hypnosis buffs of all levels to hangout, make friends, and have fun, as well as for current and future fans to request custom hypnosis files as well as NSFW content featuring angel. We offer: • A friendly, knowledgeable staff and community • Server partnerships • Games and other activities hosted by angel and friends • Live video chats • Private, dynamic voice chat rooms. • DDlg, Cgl, and Pet play friendly chats • SFW and NSFW hypnosis sessions. Join the community and become distracted!
Welcome to the Fae Fields, where the elves have revolted to build their own home. Here, we welcome a variety of people, from kinksters, artists, creators, to LGBTQ+ folks. follow the link to join us!
Welcome to BDSM HYPNOSIS Basement. Active voice calls daily! We are here to provide a safe and welcoming community where people in the BDSM/Kink lifestyle can get together to talk and share their experiences, as well as make new friends and partners. From inexperienced kinksters to veterans, we welcome all levels. Some of the different kinks/things we offer and educate on. Opt in cnc hypnosis sessions. Sfw and Nsfw hypnotism sessions. We also have an entire category dedicated to erp and rp. A fully functioning slave market system. Wax play, knife play, sensory play, ddlg, petplay, cgl, and more!
this is an 18+ group centered around hypnosis. you will need to verify your age by sending a live picture
Looking to make friends with other hypnokinksters & lose your mind for a bit? Our Friendly hypnokink server offers loop rooms to lull your brain. Join Darknosis and listen carefully as the dark voices take over your mind.
An LGBTQIA+ friendly, 18+, NSFW kink server focusing on Hypnosis!
GearHeart is a community built to bring together content creators and consumers from across the hypnosis, tulpa, mlp, and related communities.