Hobbies | Furry
A fun server for all things related to Perpetuality's productions, which include guided meditation, guided hypnosis, guided tulpamancy, and much more. Ever wanted to meditate and gain enlightement? hypnotize yourself to do things and become better? Want a REAL friend to share your head with? want a REAL friend to bind into some object and show them love and get love back? Everything from A to Z that's related to all things weird and out there, here, today.
Community | Hobbies
GearHeart is a community built to bring together content creators and consumers from across the hypnosis, tulpa, mlp, and related communities.
Community | Entertainment
Swirly Hypno is a wonderful hypno based community open for everyone interested in hypno. We have channels for discussion, sessions, and trigger play. NSFW channels are available with a role (18+) This server is 16+, LGBTQ+ friendly, tulpa friendly, and Brony and Furry friendly
Community | YouTuber
╭─────────────ɛɛ ╰─➛ɛɛ-͟͟͞➳ ꒰Cherri's Bakery ꒱ My channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIYVzLYZU6Zr8-RSI9OumtA?view_as=subscriber ɛɛ ꒰ asmr community + hypo + va꒱ ɛɛ ꒰ minecraft server + gaming section ꒱ ɛɛ ꒰ partnershps + advertising ꒱ ɛɛ ꒰ 100% sfw ꒱ ɛɛ ꒰ not a looking or dating server ꒱ ──────────────ɛɛ
Community | Social
A safe and fun hypnosis server where you can enjoy impositions, hypnosis, or just hang out and chat in all the general channels with us all!