If you're a gamer, but like also a slut, boy do we have the server for you!
× Welcome to... 𝐃𝐎𝐌 𝐱 𝐒𝐔𝐁!! × ★ This is a place where you can express yourself and just be you. We are a non toxic place and accept anyone of any kind. Here you can find a lovely group of kink friendly people★ What We Have ❤️⟩⟩ We have a numerous amount of channels to suit your needs. 🧡⟩⟩ We do role Giveaways. Possible Nitro Giveaways in the future too. 💛⟩⟩ We've got fun bots! 💚⟩⟩ We have many Self Assignable Roles. 💙⟩⟩ We tolerate no abuse, harassment, sexism or racism what so ever. 💜⟩⟩ Everyone is welcome here! So please come on down and check us out! 💖
☆United Kingdom and 21+ only. ☆Self selected kink related roles. ☆Private VIP areas for verified members. ☆No discrimination, anyone welcome. ☆Young but active and growing server, looking for new active members in the UK to join in on the fun. Come and meet like minded people to chat to, with no kink shaming. We talk about anything both kink and non kink with different rooms for many topics inc nsfw, advice board, little play pen and a dungeon. We expect active chat contribution from all our members. ☆BDSM, Fetish and DDLG friendly ☆We are not a hook up/ dating site, so are selective on single males. ☆Every member is verified for safe chat
Smol comfy lgbt-friendly 18+ bdsm community ! Come join our little family..♡
Sub Rosa Underground is a gaming community focused on modded Sub Rosa events.
We wish to provide a safe and consensual environment for individuals interested in BDSM. Discover new friendships and relationships! Only join if 18+!
SubDom Dome is a Discord server for RolePlay as well as Subs/Doms to hang out! Here you can meet Doms and Subs or just RolePlay!
Do you enjoy ERP, exchanging NSFW images, gaming together and are looking for a server where the Sub - Dom dynamic is laid out at your feet? Then join our group! We're a semi-large server that is looking for new blood! We're a merger of 3 Kik groups that now resides here on Discord! Come take a look inside if you dare~
UK exclusive DDLG channels. All members are verified over 18. VIP channels are locked private to verified members only. User selected roles. New space so join us and grow together 🥳🥳🧚‍♀️🧚‍♂️
A community for pets and their owners.
Male Tickling Haven is the new international community that provides with your desire for male tickling (F/M and M/M)!
💗Sarah's Nudes 💗 💌 Invite 10 people for immediate FULL access to all content (pics & vids).
A neo-tribal virtual commune for polyamorous people ages 18+ who are either in or curious about the BDSM lifestyle. We're focused on creating new connections, both friendly as well as romantic. We talk about everyday life, our hobbies, cooking, music, movies. We discuss the challenges and rewards of loving more than one. We share safe, sane and consensual kink play. We support each other. We're building more than just another chat server with hundreds of names you don't recognize. We're gathering mature, active people who want to participate and be a part of a real community.