Social | Entertainment
Welcome to E-Girls and Femboys Hooters. As you can see E-Girls and Femboys are welcome on this discord server however we also accept tomboys, simps and people who aren't none of those too! In this server you can send your favourite memes, talk about random things, share your music with others and even discuss about topics! We're waiting for you ^^
Mature | Community
Femboy Lounge is an incredible community dedicated to maintaining a safe 18+ adult only interactions. We are a Femboy centered server but we accept all walks of life!!🥰 Femboys Femboy lovers Traps Trans Nekos Furries Weebs ETC...!!! Our goal is to give all of our members a safe place for adults to share anything they want without the ridicule you might get elsewhere. We strive to bring people together and make relationships. We also want a place for you to make friendships that will last, and of course while you're here we want you to have fun! THIS IS 💯% A DATING PLATFORM👍
Community | LGBT
join us for cute nazi femboys, cute trad wife trannies, and overall based and redpilled webms/memes.
Social | Gaming
Just a sweet and welcoming server for friendly people. Come stop by and play some games or maybe drink a cup of tea and just be social. This is a welcoming and friendly server for all. We love you all ♥
Community | Anime
A small, comfy and cosy community ~ best for anyone who has a soft, cute or sensitive personality to make friends who are the same.
Art | Political
An experiment in mixing random people from random places in one place with no rules and heavy autism.
Community | Meme
every day is femboy friday here!
Anime | LGBT
Olá amigos, este é um dos poucos servers Brasileiros de femboys e traps(aceitamos tomboys também)! o server é focado na comunidade lgbt (principalmente em crossdressers) com intuito de fazer novas amizades e talvez algo a mais!Seja bem vindo! (Vagas para staff disponiveis)
Streaming | Community
Make yourself at home in my garden! You are here because you are either a fan of my Twitch streams or you're one of my friends. ✿✹ᴗ〜
LGBT | Social
!!! WE ARE NOT AN NSFW SERVER !!! Join other servers for that. ------------------------------------------------ Hello. Welcome to Femboyism. This is a server for many femboys to join and feel welcome in a place with many people alike. We offer a small friendly community with many channels to talk about many different things. We hope you enjoy your stay. Non-Femboys are allowed!!
Community | LGBT
Welcome to Transparency! This server is for everyone and a place where anyone can belong. We have custom colour roles, a friendly community and much more! Cant wait to see you in the server.
Best server ever because gaming and lolis and best server owner as well yes!!!
Community | LGBT
˖°。⊹୨୧ Welcome to our Kingdom ୨୧⊹。°˖ This server is the perfect place for femboys with questions about themself or who just want to make new friends. ✯ LGBTQ+ inclusive and supportive server. ✯ Everyone is welcome, you just need to be +13 to have access to our SFW channels. ✯ NSFW channels aivalable specially for 16+ and others for 18+ which are more explicit. ✯ Questions and tips channel to help baby femboys or people who don't know how to start. ✯ Voice chat with duo, trio, quartet and unlimited slots. ✯ 15 self-assignable roles. ✯ Ranking system with earnable roles. ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚.
Anime | Furry
egirl central, tweakers/femboys, crackheads, methheads, welcome
Community | Social
Welcome to Femininity, a community centered around discovering your feminine aspects and meeting like-minded people with similar interests. Show off your favorite outfits and style, chat and meet with new people, and discover a new safe space dedicated to all genders! Hope to see you soon!