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The Realms of Pride server in the video game Conan Exiles (PC) was created for LGBTQ+ players and allies. On the Isle of Siptah, we offer optional role-playing, PvP player regions, PvE player regions, ERP, and relaxed building rules compared to other servers.
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to FNaF: Sister Location!, this is a roleplay server where u can be anything from fnaf!, you can even be a character outside fnaf, have fun!
Role-Playing | Social
We have a lot of depressed people That the server has helped i guess and yeah this server fun alot of depress u might enjoy them
Role-Playing | Anime
This server is for posting roleplaying advertisements of any kind.
Mature | Role-Playing
Vampires as well known to be a thing of fiction that many of us have lusted or feared over. We read their stories and have our hearts reach out to them or have the want to end their lives. Now, the things of fiction have become real. People from all around the world have been collected by the ones hiding in the shadows to become their feeding bags. The vampires have heard the stories and want to show just who they are. The Four Kings have gathered and decided to show the world that it is their time. The age of the Nosferatu. That was over 100 years ago. Today, humanity is scattered. They are either living in the village, waiting to be taken, on their own, or with the rebellion. Lives are being taken and sold to the highest bidder in the vampire community. Each king looks over a section and they monitor the chat rooms used by humans within their sectors. Any ill words about them found results in harsh punishment. Families have lost daughters and sons.
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to the Land of Hyrule! An RP that takes place after sealing of Calamity Ganon, when the timelines all merged into one single world! All the dangers, heroes, magic and more intertwine in a new Hyrule. - Create an Original Character or choose from the Canon List! RP as any character from any Zelda game! - Freeform Exploration and Roleplay - Optional 18+ ERP and Chat - New Server; Help us grow and write the next chapter in Hyrule's history
The World of Karak is a fantasy rp server that is set in a steampunk age. The world has been hand crafted for enjoyable rp and erp. We created the server to find people who enjoy rping and having fun. Creating characters and jumping into an rp is simple and easy. We have active staff and are hoping to fill the server with people who want to explore this new world.
Anime | Writing
A cute, new server for roleplayers, gamers and anime fans. We have channels for talking, writing and showing off your art and OCs. It's a very new server but I hope to watch it grow!
Role-Playing | Gaming
A multi-paragraph fantasy roleplaying game with crafting, ageing, real-time concept with an in-depth spell system, and much more. (This is is an actual game, not a Discord RP!)
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Are you interested in Fantastic Breasts and Where to Find Them? Got a case of the Hungarian Horntails? Tired of practicing your engorgement charms alone? You're in luck, we've got the perverted prefects for you! We are a small 18+ HPRP server set in 2019 Hogwarts. Active roleplaying, a main plot, Quidditch, classes, smut, story, dark and taboo themes. Join us! We play DnD 2-3 times a week and if you’re interested you will be welcome to join once you’ve been actively part of the server for a bit. You will be asked to verify your age as many of the themes are NSFW. All we ask for is your date of birth showing on some kind of ID next to a piece of paper with your Discord name handwritten on, or held up against your screen showing the server. Absolutely all other information and your photo can be blanked out.
Community | Role-Playing
✅ Selfroles ✅ Verified Males and Females ⭐ ✅ Verifying is always optional and never required ✅ Male and Female selfies ✅ Erotic Roleplay 🍆 ✅ 400+ members ✅ Partnerships
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We are a friendly communtiy based around gaming and VR, you can post a bio and meet new people. We have plenty of channels and chats for everyone!
Hobbies | Community
Place to find and chill with new people!
Role-Playing | LGBT
A place to call home. A family to love and protect you. A loving hand to guide you to safety. These are all of the qualities we uphold at the Roleplay Family Mansion. We assure you that your time spent here will be of the utmost quality. And the love you receive will fill your heart like no other.
Mature | Role-Playing
It has been 20 years since the events of the "Percy Jackson Era". Even such not much has changed at Camp Half-Blood. The gods have kept there agreement with their children and have been claiming them a lot faster. All the minor Gods now have cabins as well.
Role-Playing | Mature
D&D roleplay for adults only. We encourage homebrew and new stories to create an exciting experience for everyone.
Entertainment | Writing
Quer entrar, entra. Agora, se não quiser entrar também nem precisa. Aquelas né kkkkk
Role-Playing | Writing
Ballad of Breshon is a brand new semi-literate RP community dedicated to providing an open, rules-lite system that allows for tons of creativity and freedom.
Community | Role-Playing
My 3rd RP server based around lactation and breast milk, super kinky! A scientist runs a facility that milks girls of their breast milk and sells it huge lactation kink
Mature | Role-Playing
🍭✨Relaxing, sociable, wholesome.✨🍭 With over 3, 000 lovely members, YOUR happiness is everyone's priority! Dedicated to socializing and chilling, we have SFW | NSFW | RP/ERP | Safe Space | Memes | Anime
Community | Role-Playing
Kim's Mansion is an LGBTQ+ Friendly roleplay server with tons of activities and safe as well as 18+ roleplay. We have: 🌺Roleplay 🌺Events 🌺Fun bots 🌺Active moderators 🌺Verified roleplayers 🌺Active roleplayers 🌺Safe, positive community 🌺And much, much more Still doubtful? See for yourself. Join the party!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Role-Playing | Anime
Solar Systars is a Sci-Fi fusion RP with a touch of space faring, a dash of cyberspace hijinks, a spritz of post apocalypse, a pinch of cyberpunk hellscape, and a lot of lasers. Though aliens, robots, mutants, and mechs are all fair game, god-like super characters are not. No immortal space furries here. Skilled characters will be skilled because they've practiced their craft, not because they were born with super powers. This server places emphasis on literacy, organization, lore, and most importantly: character driven scenes~! There is a dice-based combat system, but it is simple, and merely functional to eliminate combative god-modding. It is avoidable if you lack interest in PvP. Story is priority, not consistently one-upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure all players are mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must engage with the canon and play in server.
Community | Role-Playing
I am a sub male looking for a mistress/mommy to serve and ERP with, please join for more information and dominate me. ** Only dom females join please, no other subs nor dom males **