Looking to have some fun RP? Would you like said RP to be able to take a few lewd turns?~ Does the idea of a Modern Fantasy setting where almost anything can happen sound appealing to you? Then District S (ERP Server) is the place for you!~ While we primarily deal in ERP, other forms of RP are fully accepted!~
An ERP server focused around having an active, fun, and lewd community.
Welcome to the House of Dominance Fun, a place where you can talk,role-play and express your kinky and naughty self and of course we have a dedicated section for role-playing where you can discuss a role-play plot/story or talk about your character and surely we have role-play rooms for those who like to role-play in the server,we are a growing community that started short time ago and looking to increase our member base and get bigger, does not matter if you are a female or male or femboy/trap or futanari,Dominant or bottom or switch cause everyone is welcomed in our community, so if you feel like joining us feel free to click the join button and explore our community by yourself.
This is a adult community and all members are expected to be 18+. We will not tolerate any minors or people joining for the purpose of predatory actions.
We are looking for more people to join our 18+ Gaming and Roleplay Discord server We are only just starting up the server, If you're a Roleplayer, you're quite welcome to join us - Furry, neko and non-furries alike, it's all up to you! - If you're a Gamer, you're also free to join us; if Roleplaying isn't your thing, don't worry, that part of the server can remain hidden depending on the roles you request. - The server, known as Stabhmithall, is set during a medieval fantasy age where kingdoms are forming and adventures are to be found. - From Human to Beasts to mice to Dragons... Stabhmithall has all types of species, mingling, and pursuing their own goals... Adventure, pleasure, money, a regular home life, maybe even a job? That’s up to each citizen. The server isn’t very strict, but we do require 3 sentences per roleplay post.
A place to roleplay and have fun!
An SRP/ERP server(Sexual Roleplay, Erotic Roleplay) for everyone! Please be 18+ before entering.
Desire ERP is an 18+ erotic roleplay community open to all regardless of what games you RP in. Chats, Personals, Gallery, Profile Info Bots and more ❤ The goal for Desire is to provide roleplayers with a second home that isn't limited to any specific guild or game. As a member you can advertise your characters, meet new roleplayers to have fun with and you can share your experiences from any games or other roleplay venues. Pop by our Discord or visit the site.
Unique & Creative emotes || 70+ and increasing Loving people 💖 lots of easily gained Custom roles Unique point system can buy/gift special roles with ***You could meet a chill and friendly community, you could be BI, Pan or completely gay we won't judge you, we welcome everyone who wants to just have fun and be a complete pervert sometimes *** Wanna have your own personal sex slave to tend to your needs? Or better yet have an owner who will treat you like a princess or the dirty little whore you really are, well you have found the right place. This is for fantasy inspired role play. This server is only for 18 and over. No minors are allowed. ❌ So let's get down and dirty Join the harem and live your fantasies sidenote: don't join if you're under the age of 18 this could cause a lot of problems smh
An NSFW server for the purpose of erotic roleplay and character/profile discussion. Also includes discussion hubs for numerous topics.
We're a fun server dedicated to Erotic Role play and the likes. Join in if you're looking for quality roleplay and can write more than 100 words per post. Quality and Quantity are what you get if you join here. We even have bots to fill in all your Hentai needs.
Charisma Check is a tabletop RPG server that includes ERP in its games. As a Dungeon Master you'll join, post your campaign ad, and sort through your player applicants to create the perfect party for your sexiest campaign yet! We support all any and all tabletop system you might be interested in such as D&D, Pathfinder, and Call of Cthulhu. So hurry on in here and turn that Monster Manuel into a dating catalog and see if you can pass your "Charisma Check"!
Roleplay clop and fun!
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