A place to roleplay and have fun!
An SRP/ERP server(Sexual Roleplay, Erotic Roleplay) for everyone! Please be 18+ before entering.
An NSFW server for the purpose of erotic roleplay and character/profile discussion. Also includes discussion hubs for numerous topics.
We're a fun server dedicated to Erotic Role play and the likes. Join in if you're looking for quality roleplay and can write more than 100 words per post. Quality and Quantity are what you get if you join here. We even have bots to fill in all your Hentai needs.
Roleplay clop and fun!
An ERP server focused around having an active, fun, and lewd community.
ERP, Erotic Roleplay, General, Anime, Roleplay, Role-Play, RP.
We're a fun loving, detailed RP community based on the Corruption of Champions text based adventure game!
Desire ERP is an 18+ erotic roleplay community open to all regardless of what games you RP in. Chats, Personals, Gallery, Profile Info Bots and more ❤ The goal for Desire is to provide roleplayers with a second home that isn't limited to any specific guild or game. As a member you can advertise your characters, meet new roleplayers to have fun with and you can share your experiences from any games or other roleplay venues. Pop by our Discord or visit the site.
Winlow City is a RP and ERP server for 18+ Members!
Come join a new and upcoming, amazing Discord Erotic Roleplay server. 18+, zero tolerance policy to toxic members.
✅ Selfroles ✅ Verified Males and Females ⭐ ✅ Verifying is always optional and never required ✅ Male and Female selfies ✅ Erotic Roleplay 🍆 ✅ 400+ members ✅ Partnerships
This is a friendly roleplaying community that I want to build to tailor to all different types of kinks.
Oh my, that's quite a snowstorm! Swiftly now, come inside for some warmth. Here we are.. Furry Pokémon Mansion, a haven for Pokémon enthusiasts of any and all sort, furries, excessively aroused individuals, and people of all kinds just looking to chat with some friendly folks. We consider ourselves to host a large number of offerings and accommodations, here is but a few you may expect: -Sharing in the admiration of art, whether that art be NSFW, SFW, drawn by you, or found in some other manner. -Partaking in discussions, and making new friends in doing so. -A spectacle of bots, including Pokécord and Mewbot. We also have a lovely array of furry bots, lewd and otherwise. -Roleplay and Erotic Roleplay with a character submission system and the optional Tupperbox bot. -Furry and Scalie NSFW sections in addition to all of the organized Pokémon ones. If you are only into Pokémon, or perhaps just a standard furry, fret not. Enjoy your stay~ -Sky
Unique & Creative emotes || 70+ and increasing Loving people 💖 lots of easily gained Custom roles Unique point system can buy/gift special roles with ***You could meet a chill and friendly community, you could be BI, Pan or completely gay we won't judge you, we welcome everyone who wants to just have fun and be a complete pervert sometimes *** Wanna have your own personal sex slave to tend to your needs? Or better yet have an owner who will treat you like a princess or the dirty little whore you really are, well you have found the right place. This is for fantasy inspired role play. This server is only for 18 and over. No minors are allowed. ❌ So let's get down and dirty Join the harem and live your fantasies sidenote: don't join if you're under the age of 18 this could cause a lot of problems smh
Suddenly pulled through dimensions, before you lies a set of islands... A siren's call luring you through time and space, to this place. Welcome to Hermfuta Triangle! We are a group of futa/dickgirl fans that have decided to start our own themed ERP server! Attempt to appease the Goddess of Fertility Estara while also engaging in your own lewd fun, and perhaps she will greatly reward you... Our server boasts the following features: * Veteran staff, in both ERP and non ERP communities * A tropical themed paradise, complete with server events * Themed roleplay channels, from a futa amazonian jungle to mysterious and forbidden forests * LFR and porn channels to suit all your roleplay and smut needs * A fun, welcoming and safe environment to fulfill your desires * Level rewards at 50 and 100 respectively, at 100 create your very own roleplay channel on the server! If you're into futa/dickgirls, ERP or themed roleplay, you may find a suitable home in Hermfuta Triangle! 18+ only~
The Password to enter is listed INSIDE the rules section!
Rainbow Six Roleplay Here at Rainbow Six Roleplay, we aim to create a chill and relaxed environment for chatting and roleplay. Based on the game, Rainbow Six: Siege, we try our best to combine the best parts of Erotic Roleplay, Military Roleplay, and Combat Roleplay to create the ideal roleplay experience. We have a few rules, but we like to keep it chill to give you the freedom to try what you want to try within the Rainbow Six Roleplay. Player experience ALWAYS comes first! WHAT WE OFFER: > Erotic roleplay with a Rainbow Six theme. > Helpful staff that will guide you through the character creation process. > Frequent Combat RP and Erotic RP events run by staff as well as the option to run them yourself, as a player. > Lots of active roleplayers who love getting involved with new players. > NSFW Media channels for lewd images.
Welcome to Slave Garden! A BDSM server dedicated to the wondrous art of female domination. As a Mistress or a slave, you will join a welcoming community of like minded individuals who understand that a woman is simply superior. You will find that our Mistresses and slaves have a variety to offer you. We offer a great community and dedicated staff as well as... - custom roles - leveled roles - public RP channels - professional domme or slave advert channels ...and more! Join the garden to find a Mistress or a slave to play with for the night, share your favorite femdom related porn, or chat with fellow kinksters!
Welcome to Sinner’s Elysium. Here within our server, you will find well over one hundred roles from which to distinguish yourself amongst the many. Catering to the many kinks, interests and general qualities of our users. From our roleplay channels to our games and our community, we strive to create a friendly, welcoming and overall fulfilling experience for all who would visit. We hope to see you soon, and that you may have a pleasant stay. Please note that this is an 18+ exclusive server, and that any and all who are underage must refrain from joining. -Executive
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 𝐘𝐠𝐠𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐬𝐢𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ༄ؘ Yggdrasil Reborn our humble abode of erotic, combat and regular roleplay in our vast and expansive lore based world, built to be enjoyed be everyone be it experienced roleplayers or individuals new to the genre itself~ ༄ؘ Our server is home to 60+ channels! Consisting of fun bots leading from lewd to fun bot spams, to lore based, intriguing and combat or erotica roleplay based channels sprawled out across our server for your use~ ༄ؘ We have active around the clock moderation with a no nonsense policy to keep out negative trolls and the such to provide a warm and hospitable, comfortable environment for all our residents and a mod team that listens at the drop of a hat~
Looking to have some fun RP? Would you like said RP to be able to take a few lewd turns?~ Does the idea of a Modern Fantasy setting where almost anything can happen sound appealing to you? Then District S (ERP Server) is the place for you!~ While we primarily deal in ERP, other forms of RP are fully accepted!~