The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed Discord community with plenty of headpats to go around.
|⭐ VALHALLA ⭐ | A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~ Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge porn vault as well? Hush hush.. |? 18+ ? |
✅Strong Community ✅Age Verified Channels ✅Events ✅30.000+ Members ✅350 Emojis ✅Shop Roles ✅Level System ✅Waifus ✅Giveaways ✅40+ Hentai Categories
Waifu Worshipping is an anime-esc community, with a focus on Hentai and NSFW content. We offer a variety of image channels, casual roleplay, detailed roleplay, consistent server events, a large welcoming community, and much more.
An 18+ BDSM Discord that aims to safely educate those interested in kink. We hold unique weekly educational kink and fetish events (chosen by the community). From inexperienced to veteran BDSM practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you. Beyond education, we have NSFW (lewd) channels, gaming, a big music culture, and other forms of media and entertainment. We have something for everyone!
Simple server dedicated to hosting emotes of the porn queen herself, Riley Reid, for Nitro subscribers. No active chats, just emotes and one simple gallery channel to post your favorite Riley images, GIF's, and video clips.
Hentai Empire is awesome 18+ server, and obviously, revolves around hentai. We are an all-around great server, with various NSFW channels- everyone will find what they like.
The Hotel is a 18+ server filled with a BDSM open community for all. The NSFW channels are closed off and for Verified Members only. We are a fast growing community for all to join. Grab a key and Check In! What we offer for you * 50+ Roles * 20+ Color Roles * Porn Channels (Verified Only) * Nudes (Verified Only) * Active VC Channels AND MORE! Don't waste another day and COME STAY!
The main theme of Hentai Moutarde is, obviously, Hentai, as well as the weeb culture. We also have more "open" channels, such as SFW pictures, memes or pictures of your pets, if you feel like making your cat a superstar! Your artworks are also welcome in our dedicated NSFW and SFW art channel. Les thèmes principaux de Hentai Moutarde sont, évidemment, le Hentai, ainsi que la culture weeb. Nous avons également des channels plus ouverts dédiés, par exemple, aux images SFW, aux memes ou un channel pour vos animaux (idéal si vous voulez que votre chat soit famous). Vos oeuvres d'arts, NSFW et SFW, sont également les bienvenues dans notre salon dédié au dessin.
Come enjoy chatting and sharing with lewd people like you!
Hotel Lewd is the oldest and largest ERP and RP community on Discord. Our goal is to create a huge lewd community that thrives on the active, kind and friendly community. Welcome to Hotel Lewd!
A lewd community focusing on sharing the good stuff. If you like that stuff too, join us on our quest to satisfy our lustful desires! We have emotes, gamers, and a lot of hentai.
Welcome to the Anime of Adults server where we used automated technology to revolutionize the hentai market by bringing the content directly to YOU! that's right no more waiting for someone else to post that good stuff because they don't have time for that but you know who does? our automated bots! we are currently a small community but want to talk to as many new people as possible and make things more exciting for everyone! I hope to see ya there OwO
Hentai, Emojis, Emotes, Lewd, Anime and more. Do I need more to convince you?
[18+] gay baby jail
══════════ ↠| KINK UNIVERSITY | 18+ |↞ ═════════ KINK UNIVERSITY is a BDSM/kink community which aims to allow you to meet people just like you, and have a good time doing it! Our goal is to educate others about BDSM and kink as a whole! We like to keep our members active with things like events that happen around the clock, contests, challenges and more. We play a lot of different games and love to bring in new people. This is a teaching server in more ways than one! ══════════════════════ ✧ VERIFIED 18+ NSFW Channels ✧ Places to showcase your content! Nudes, Art, Twitch, writing, etc. ✧ Active Voice Channels! Come say hi! ✧ A helpful and friendly Staff team ✧ Lots of emotes to use! ✧ Webcam parties! ✧ Our own custom D&D bot! ✧ An array of self-assignable roles! ✧ ..And much more~! ══════════════════════
A newly opened 18+ server designated to meet other like-minded people! (LGBTQ+ friendly) And, if you're interested, show off your gorgeous photos as well! The server has relaxed mods that will actively work to help you with any issues you may be having!
"Come for the porn, stay for the community." R34Ever is the official revival of the deleted Discord /r34/ server, new and improved. We have daily content, an emphasis on free speech in our community, and talented artists.
For those degenerates that need a place to share their lewd stashes with others like themselves.
An 18+ server dedicated to being a tight-knit, friendly place to meet & make friends with other adults in the kink community! DDLG, Petplay, and general BDSM kinks are welcome! Enjoy our cute aesthetic, emotes, & wholesome environment! ♡♡♡
You've been lost in the Lekadi Forest with close calls to death, until you find a clearing with a large mansion. Needing shelter, you decide to approach...
Looking to have some fun RP? Would you like said RP to be able to take a few lewd turns?~ Does the idea of a Modern Fantasy setting where almost anything can happen sound appealing to you? Then District S (ERP Server) is the place for you!~ While we primarily deal in ERP, other forms of RP are fully accepted!~
A high quality roleplaying server, with dedicated members. All you need to do in order get in is write an introduction - help us get to know you! The community is open and friendly. You will be welcomed into a group of friends, like-minded people and passionate prospective partners. We have channels dedicated to a variety of interests (games, anime, movies, food,... and so much more!), so you'll be sure to find something to your liking. So come join us and we will see you in the Realm of Roleplay!
Hello Warcraft Porn lovers! /r/AzerothPorn is the official discord for the /r/AzerothPorn subreddit. If you love World of Warcraft and enjoy nsfw art of the game, you are welcome to come and check us out! We offer: -A great community of talented WoW nsfw artists that share their work on the server -Many dedicated members who post loads of art content on the daily -Various roles that define the members and their preferences -Interest in roleplaying both in discord and in game as well as Looking for RP and character showcase channels -WoW lore discussion and transmog sharing channels - Food and music channels as well as many other misc social channels -Non-WoW game discussions, as well as non-wow nsfw art. Make sure to read our rules and be respectful above all! Can't wait to see you all!
(Konosuba themed server) 18+ We're a rapidly growing group of degenerates who happen to watch anime and play games. While it isn't the focus of the server, we do have a fairly large NSFW section! Don't join if you're offended easily. -Active community -Large 18+ NSFW section -Laid back rules and staff -Weekly anime nights -Accepting of whatever degenerate shit you're into 18+ community with NSFW channels, ranking bots, weekly events
Lewness galore! A brand new server, open to all sorts who want to roleplay with each other! Be you furry, human, scalie, pony, or some weird extra, we'll accept you with open hearts. Very open hearts. Uwu!