Hello lovelies and cuties! Come chat with us, we'd love to have you. We're here for AB's, DL's, CG's, and anyone else seeking answers or guidance in the ABDL community. Our motto: Acceptance, Compassion, and Understanding. 18+
Adult community server centered around bdsm, master-pet, chastity, femboy, diaperfur, and much more for those furs who dont just like the arts and roleplay but might also be into the lifestyle. 😃Friendly, positive community to hang out in! 👮Active and helpful staff team! 🔞No underage users are allowed. We ask every newcomers their age. 📚Separated areas based on kinks to try and limit forcing down kicks what you might not enjoy. 📰Self-advertising yourself 👾Truth or dare, never have i ever, loser has to and so on channel activities 🔒Gag, bdsm, chastity verify and other kinks bot interactions
An 18+ BDSM Discord that aims to safely educate those interested in kink. We hold unique weekly educational kink and fetish events (chosen by the community). From inexperienced to veteran BDSM practitioners, all are welcome here. We would love to have you. Beyond education, we have NSFW (lewd) channels, gaming, a big music culture, and other forms of media and entertainment. We have something for everyone!
You stumbled upon Mouthwatering. A place to gather mouthwatering cuties and those that salivate over such treaties. This is a vore server where we just focus on talking about stuff and enjoying ourselves with people that share at least fetish.
A foot-fetish community for sharing pictures, videos, and discussion topics about women's feet, soles, toes, & arches. Models, producers, and regular members are all welcome. Must be 18+
Welcome to the Transformation RP community server! Within here, you'll find people interested in transformation and roleplay. Not just that, but this is a place where you can share and post stories, as well as art related to transformation covering a wide arrange of fetishes and kinks.
Welcome to Gay Porn, • Partnerships • NSFW channels • Verified models • Hentai • 18+ server • Gay Porn • Lesbian porn • Female Channels • BDSM • Trans channels
Welcome to Porn Vids, • Partnerships • Fetish channels • Verified models • 18+ server • Hentai • Lesbian channels • BDSM • Giveaways
Land Of Lust is a furry based NSFW server filled with image channels for various kinks, aswell as roleplaying channels. You'll be asked to present ID at the front gate to a staff member.
══════════ ↠| KINK UNIVERSITY | 18+ |↞ ═════════ KINK UNIVERSITY is a BDSM/kink community which aims to allow you to meet people just like you, and have a good time doing it! Our goal is to educate others about BDSM and kink as a whole! We like to keep our members active with things like events that happen around the clock, contests, challenges and more. We play a lot of different games and love to bring in new people. This is a teaching server in more ways than one! ══════════════════════ ✧ VERIFIED 18+ NSFW Channels ✧ Places to showcase your content! Nudes, Art, Twitch, writing, etc. ✧ Active Voice Channels! Come say hi! ✧ A helpful and friendly Staff team ✧ Lots of emotes to use! ✧ Webcam parties! ✧ Our own custom D&D bot! ✧ An array of self-assignable roles! ✧ ..And much more~! ══════════════════════
Rejoignez la communauté du BDSM. Venez partager votre art de vivre avec nous. Vous êtes simplement curieux ? ou pratiquant ? 😎 Alors rejoignez nous ! Vous aurez l'occasion d'y retrouver des amateurs de ce plaisir et de cet art de vivre ! 💥💦
Hi! Welcome to the Skull Island, a place of big and small beasts. We are pleased you are interested in booking a trip with us. Come and you'll find from the tiniest fella to the biggest beast, the meanest guy to the gentlest giant. Everyone is welcome and you are invited to stay... permanently.
BDSM Haven is the new international community that provides with your desire for BDSM!
If you're a gamer, but like also a slut, boy do we have the server for you!
Robot fetish server, if you are a robot or enjoy messing with them, upload yourself here! It's a tight community or even club where you can get friends based on your interest in robots, and maybe more! In this lewd chat you can find ASFR, robotization, ERP, technofetish, mindcontrol, fembots, gynoids, androids, cyborgs, robot girls, porn, maidbots, disassembly, reprogramming, malfunctions, machines, drones, objectification, hypnosis, kinky It's a great community, members are manually approved
The Matriarchy is a brand new Femdom server catered to female dominants and subs that love them! We have giveaways like Nitro Drops and "toys", LGBTQ+ friendly environment, and staff opportunities! Join us, we would love to have you!
𝔖𝔲𝔟𝔪𝔦𝔱 ♡ 𝔒𝔟𝔢𝔶 𝔈𝔪𝔟𝔯𝔞𝔠𝔢 𝔶𝔬𝔲𝔯 𝔦𝔫𝔫𝔢𝔯 𝔡𝔬𝔪𝔪𝔢 ♡ Fempire • 18+ is a femdom server that provides a safe and secure environment for dommes, switches and subs with an absolute zero tolerance towards catfishing, toxicity and minors. Our features include: ➸ A vampire/gothic themed server with a friendly gated community. ➸ Verification needed upon entry either SFW (selfie only) or NSFW (selfie and ID). ➸ For SFW members; many SFW channels to chat in + QOTD ➸ For verified 18+ members; daily BDSM discussion and education + frequent tasks to do ➸ Many self-assignable roles & colour roles that you can buy via our server currency. ➸ Monthly events with in-app prizes! ➸ Many fun bots to use! ➸ Open partnership offers with other NSFW 18+ servers. Join us and become a part of a growing community that helps and support each other especially in times of need.
Moonlit nights, ruined makeup, running mascara.. a scintillating respite from the daily grind. Fair warning though, once that threshold is crossed all bets are off and safety is nothing more than a veneer melting upon a touch, a whisper or a nod. 'Indulge your darkness..' We are all about pushing limits and boundaries, within reasonable limits ofcourse.. Hypnotic Seduction is an erotic hypnosis server dedicated to providing a safe virtual mindscape for hypno enthusiasts, kinksters, and bdsm fetishists. The server is 18+ and we may require ID verification in case we suspect anyone to be underage.
Fairly new server with a different way of going about moderation, we intend on being highly community based with an added NSFW bonus. We allow a variety of different kinks and fetishes. We're also furry and LGBTQ+ friendly! Talk, make friends, and share content in the Black Powder Warehouse.
The ultimate place to share your foot pics and advertise your services. All foot models and foot lovers are welcome to join!
A Server for all of our guests @ Forbidden Sanctuary Secondlife. We are a kinky fetish community who hangout mainly in Secondlife. We socialise @ Forbidden Sanctuary and other Simulators on Secondlife. Voice Friendly Nerdy Gamers. ADULTS ONLY 18+ NO CHILD AVATARS. Guests MUST be verified to use Server. Please See Rules and follow introduction guidelines and questions for Approval.
A place for people with similar interests to hang out.
Hentai feets of all kinds!
We are a community of societal misfits that have been marginalized. We cater to groups including but not limited to furries, otherkin, conspiracy theorists, and fetishists. This server was created to be a place to support others and as somewhere you can be yourself. If your community is not listed feel free to contact the mods to get it added. Strictly no calls for violence or denial of events such as but not limited to: genocides, 9/11, or school shootings. No porn, you can find that elsewhere.
Ultimate Panties Server V2 - is a panties fetish server sharing all things panty related. Over 400 active and friendly members growing every day. Females that like to show of there panty collection. Hobbies and bf showing off their partner's dirty panties and bra. Couple sections for couples that like to show off there panties and more intimate photos Verified Panties sellers sections And much much more!
We are an 18+ Discord-based community with an aim to create a friendly and welcoming place for all ageplayers. We welcome people from all walks of life, sexualities, genders, and opinions. We have events, social spaces, "seeking" spaces, friendly and helpful moderators, and experienced administrators. Come check out the community that keeps caregivers doting, and littles smiling!
The hangout for People who'd like to focus on Animal Transformation! Other is allowed aswell, so there are basicly no Limits!