Furry | Community
Furry-vore focused mini-server. Entry requires furry profile image. 250+ members, secure design for chat, art & RP. Friendly for Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs & Hyper-Furs too. No tolerance for drama, immaturity or non-furry content.
Role-Playing | Science
We like science and science and science and science and science.
Community | Role-Playing
︾The Soda Fountain︾ *We're a new server that needs members. Anybody can join. *Note: This server is for people into Vore and related things, please do not join if you are not into these things. Feeling thirsty for some Voreish action? Well come and join TSF today and get your fill. We have both sfw roleplaying channels and nsfw channels. Anybody is allowed to join! So what are you waiting for? Join TSF today!
Role-Playing | Art
New size server all about RP.
Furry | Role-Playing
CW: VORE — We're a casual, safe vore based server with the theme of a coastal hotel! Folk are easy to get along with and we generally maintain a comfortable atmosphere. All people are welcome, preds, switches, preys, and nonrp members! The coastal hotel is a little beachy area, bordered by a large cliff semi-circling the area and the ocean, an ideal place for all of your vorish desires!
Role-Playing | Social
A loving server for people who enjoy G/t and vore.
Community | Role-Playing
Special Cuddle Zone is a SFW vore server focused around more wholesome and gentle elements of vore, such as protection, platonic affection and harmless play. We have art/writing channels, roleplay channels and rules to keep the server peaceful, and hopefully not too much a mad house.
Role-Playing | Furry
Hello and welcome to Vore Supreme, we are a Furry Vore focused server that has recently been made and actively being developed for all things Furry Vore related.
Role-Playing | Furry
Welcome to The Bunker, this is mainly a vore rp server, but we do have some non-vore rp channels if your not into that, not everyone is into it, and I respect their opinions. This server is still a work in progress but feel free to join anyway. We have the following in the server as of posting: -non-vore/vore rp channel -memes, full of em -streams, I stream every week end -sfw and nsfw channels, open for everyone.
Furry | Role-Playing
Hello! We're a very small server with a community of both furry and non-furry folk who are into soft vore. The server is mostly folk hanging out but there are rooms for casual RP and posting of pictures and chatting!