Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Gamers, weebs, furries, and/or memers: we want you because we want the best, and YOU are it. So, who's ready to have a gay ol' time? Contains high levels of moths.
Furry vore server for nice fluffy noms. Prefers mature & friendly fluffs. 250+ members, active server. A furry profile image is required. Furry vore server for general fun hanging out with nice & mature fluffs of vorish interests. Aims to have the best fluffs around by keeping any bad, weird or immature ones out. 250+ members, moderate activity. Channels for general talking, image sharing & RP stuff are available. Poke-Furs, Fatty-Furs, Hypers & Macros/Micros who enjoy the noms are welcome too. Members are expected to stay furry while present, non-furry profiles are not allowed.
Land Of Lust is a furry based NSFW server filled with image channels for various kinks, aswell as roleplaying channels. You'll be asked to present ID at the front gate to a staff member.
Furry/MLP/Scalie Macro/Micro roleplay!~
A loving server for people who enjoy G/t and vore.
100% nsfw dragon/scalie vore server, rp channels, plenty of art channels, weekly (community voted) spotlight channels for rule34/30vore too. Expect dragon maws and dragon dongs. ;)
This server is mainly for those that share the same kinky intrests as me. Namely vore, transformation and foodplay, as well as a few other things that only close friends shall know, but one of those things is guro, aka fantasy gore (NOT REAL THATS DISGUSTING, unless its makeup)
Welcome to the server, this is a vore roleplaying/art server where people can get together and enjoy roleplaying vore, see vore images/comics, watch videos and take commissions/requests
This is a server for all furries who are fans of big bellies. We have sections for fat furs, inflation, pregnancy, hyper, vore, and oviposition.
A server for lovers of vore in a NSFW capacity to chat and roleplay about it.
Server for breast vore and breast transformation or sentient fat, images and roleplay.
We like science and science and science and science and science.
Hello all! I'm starting up a RPing game, the gist is two people with literary prose will start a vore live stream on a channel, and the other people of the server will act as the people watching in the respective channel for that stream. They'll be able to interact with the RPing and even change the outcome! So come on over for some vorey fun!
︾The Soda Fountain︾ *We're a new server that needs members. Anybody can join. *Note: This server is for people into Vore and related things, please do not join if you are not into these things. Feeling thirsty for some Voreish action? Well come and join TSF today and get your fill. We have both sfw roleplaying channels and nsfw channels. Anybody is allowed to join! So what are you waiting for? Join TSF today!
Community of degenerates, shit posters, edgelords and miscreants. Anime, gaming, and furry chats that are SFW and some NSFW image channels.
New size server all about RP.
A furry server with a focus on fat furs and all things weight gain. We have plenty of rooms for those with all sorts of interests: both sfw and nsfw rooms, vore and inflation rooms, and even rooms for nonfurry content. This server is a pleasant place for all kinds to get together and enjoy fat furs!
We are a Furry / Scalie focused vore community.
Hello! We are a Vore server in need of new members and feedback! We allow pretty much anything and are slowly but surely becoming more active. Feel free to join and be part of a brand new community!
A furry porn server dedicated to the spread of good pornography through encouragement of posting.
Heyo, we're a brand new vore oriented server focused on exclusively SFW and wholesome vore topics. We are trying to build a safe environment that anyone who's just looking for a chill community to join.
We're a casual, safe vore based server with the theme of a coastal hotel! Folk are easy to get along with and we generally maintain a comfortable atmosphere. All people are welcome, preds, switches, preys, and nonrp members! The coastal hotel is a little beachy area, bordered by a large cliff semi-circling the area and the ocean, an ideal place for all of your vorish desires!
World of the colorful 80s, spreading throughout the city with creativity and sexy scenery~
A server dedicated to Cock Vore/Cock Transformation!
Come join Micro/Micro hangout - a sizeplay funhouse for everyone! Wanna meet big and little friends? Find RP partners with similar interests to your own? You know what to do! I'll see you all in the Newcomers' Chat! -Lorenzo McFarland MMH Head Admin
Hello! We're a very small server with a community of both furry and non-furry folk who are into soft vore. The server is mostly folk hanging out but there are rooms for casual RP and posting of pictures and chatting!