Community | Gaming
A new server for those who play Animal Jam, Animal Jam: Play Wild, and Animal Crossing! We're also a community for Wildworks' upcoming game! If you don't play any of these games but would like to make new friends, that's perfectly fine as well!
Gaming | LGBT
A server to talk about the video game, Otherkin, Systems, and Art!
Furry | Mature
Сервер для Фералов, под руководством Лиса - для Русско-говорящих , и тех кому нравятся фералы, и кто чувствует себя им. (У нас тихо и спокойно). Сервер как Лес тёмный и потому странный и непонятный , зверям нечего бояться другим лучше не идти.
Community | Gaming
We're a community server centered around WildWorks' games. We're a friendly, active, and an accepting community where anyone can come and socialize. Speculate, trade, share art, or just chat about whatever. We can't wait to see you there! ✨
Gaming | Community
This is a fun safe feral discord server. Where you hang out and talk about feral and other games in it. We even host giveaways in the server and sometimes take suggestions from other people in the server. Join this server if you enjoy feral and if you want to share your ideas. invite your friends who play the game too!!!