Furry | Role-Playing | Writing
Server dedicated to furry feet. Join us and enjoy your time! This is the original, oldest, and largest community.
Role-Playing | Furry | Writing
Pokemon, Furry, Avian Roleplay ✤ Art Gallery ✤ Character Bios ✤ Philosophy ✤ Be Hypnotized!!
Furry | Role-Playing
Hello there fellow paw lovers! We are a small but growing community at the moment! The staff and members are nice and respectful, and ready to show love to some paws! Or even ready to recieve love for their paws. We have some nsfw thats optional if you'd like. But otherwise, we are a sfw server that loves paws in all shapes, sizes and maybe smell....xD (Yes, we do roleplay here as well :P)
Furry | Art
Welcome ! We collect paws/feet/talons/hooves pics and fanart of non-humain characters from video games and cartoons . We also have a room for art sharing and regular furry characters . We already have more than 350 characters . No NSFW .