We have done it! There isn't an other way to play Inazuma Eleven TCG online so we have created for you a place where you can play and win prize! We will do tournaments and you can partecipate, so we have let you some channels where you can practise yourself! 🀄cards: You can see all the cards, from the first to the last, and also the field and the back of cards! 🀄cards-rules: You need to know how to play, and this channel is perfect. we have translated all the rules and commands to play with cards correctly! 🀄cards-upgrade: We have opened this channel to make you play with your cards! 💺card-soccer-field: You can practice yourself to become the best player in the world! 🥅football-cards-match: If you want to do a match, you need a field... no? 🚿locker-room: For you and your opponent there is a place where be strategic and build your dream team!