> Added a list of active psychedelic/avant-garde record labels and associated artists. I would bet that nothing else quite like this exists on the internet. It's in #new-release-lists ! > Changed the roles color scheme and improved the appearance of the server overall > Added the server to another listing site ;)

Here's the labels list. DiscordMe doesn't show line breaks without having to double-space, so it doesn't look like this on the server...

Music labels: psych rock/heavy Adansonia ❖ Electric Octopus, Kungens Man, Electric Orange, Guru Guru Beyond Beyond is Beyond ❖ Garcia Peoples, Chris Forsyth, The Myrrors Cardinal Fuzz ❖ Minami Deutsch, Dead Sea Apes, Mt. Mountain, Hills, Suzuki Junzo, Lumerians Drone Rock ❖ Earthling Society, Dead Sea Apes El Paraiso ❖ Papir, Causa Sui, Mythic Sunship, Kanaan, Jakob Skott, Ellis/Munk Gurugurubrain ❖ Minami Deutsch, Kikagaku Moyo, Mong Tong, Prairie WWWW Heavy Psych ❖ ORGÖNE, Acid Mammoth Important ❖ Acid Mothers Temple, Merzbow, Mugstar John Colby Sect ❖ Magick Brother & Mystic Sister Library of the Occult ❖ Ivan the Tolerable, Missionary Work Necio ❖ King Gizzard, Acid Mothers Temple, Lastryko Stickman ❖ Motorpsycho, Papir, King Buffalo, Spidergawd Tee Pee ❖ Sleep, Earthless, Mythic Sunship, Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound Who Can You Trust? ❖ The Cosmic Dead

Music labels: underground rock/jazz/avant-garde/other Aumega ❖ Frankensteins Ballet, Mazeppa, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Satorinaut Antena Kyzyku ❖ Lonker See Bureau B ❖ Camera, Datashock, Die Wilde Jagd Cuneiform ❖ Wadada Leo Smith, Tatvamasi, Volapük, Incompetence ❖ Glintshake I, Voidhangar ❖ Neptunian Maximalism, ZAAAR Now-Again ❖ Heliocentrics Paradigms ❖ Gnaw Their Tongues, The Cosmic Dead, Fever Knife RareNoise ❖ Three-Layer Cake, Merzbow Riot Season ❖ Acid Mothers Temple, Mainliner, Kungens Man, Earthling Society, The Cosmic Dead Rock is Hell ❖ John Dwyer/Bent Arcana Rocket Recordings ❖ Gnod, Hills, Kooba Tercu, Paisiel, Goat, Bonnacons of Doom, VED, Pigs x7 Soundway ❖ Heliocentrics, Vanishing Twin Southern Lord ❖ Sun O))), Om, Earth, Boris Svart ❖ Kairon; IRSE!, Death Hawks Trouble in Mind ❖ Sunwatchers, Mikal Cronin, Klaus Johann Grobe, Morgan Delt WV Sorcerer ❖ ZAAAR, Mong Tong, Liang Yiyuan, Dope Purple

Music labels: indie/psych A ❖ Brian Jonestown Massacre, Magic Castles, L' Épée Alive ❖ Triptides, The Black Keys, Radio Moscow Castle Face ❖ Osees, Nolan Potter, John Dwyer/Bent Arcana, Brigid Dawson Dreamy Life ❖ Johndavid Bartlett, Acid Carousel Flightless ❖ King Gizzard, Pipe-eye, ORB, The Murlocs, Babe Rainbow Greenway ❖ Frankie & the Witch Fingers Halfshell ❖ WEEED Husky Pants ❖ Ryley Walker, Kikagaku Moyo Mexican Summer ❖ Tonstartssbandht, Dungen, Ariel Pink, Connan Mockasin No Quarter ❖ The Psychic Paramount, Chris Forsyth Reverberation Appreciation ❖ [Levitation Sessions] RPUT ❖ Triptides, Vinyl Williams, Lucille Furs Sacred Bones ❖ Moon Duo, Follakzoid, Psychic Ills Spinning Top ❖ POND