Art | Hobbies
A server to find trippy visuals, music, etc.
Art | Social
Fractal Highlands is an Art centered server with a strong focus on positivity and lifting each other up. This is a place to share your art/creations and inspiration, receive/give critique and help each other get better at what we love. All art is welcome, there are members who make music, anime fan art, psychedelic art, mandalas, acrylic paintings, digital art, photo manipulation, and we would love to have more creative people join. Feel free to join if you are just starting art and need guidance, or are already a professional and want to help others we have people from all stages of artistry.
Crypto | Science
Earn passive income with our own cryptocurrency Litcoin Tip & trade over 100 different cryptocurrencies Our own Minecraft server where you can mine cryptocurrency, IP:
Community | Science
Shaman australis botanicals - a server dedicated to cultivation of plants, mushrooms, homebrew and the cultivation/foraging of australian native flora
Education | Science
Wholistic is a discord server that wishes to unite people interested in healthy living. The word 'wholistic' derives its synonymous meaning from the word 'holistic' and refers to the emphasis and importance of the whole as well as the interdependence of its parts. We strive to take a wholesome approach to the topic in question, so as to be open, expand our awareness of how to go about leading an optimally healthy life, as well as shaping a loving community that values the sharing of information for the ascension journey of all. The three facets of Wholistic health entail physical, mental and spiritual health. The server seeks to accommodate these interconnected parts in such a way that even if you don't happen to emphasise certain aspects of health optimisation in areas of your own life, there will still be plenty of opportunities for you to learn and grow according to your own aspirations. In essence, all people with a care for their own and other's well-being are more than welcome.
Music | Technology
Alien Records Psychedelic Entertaimment Group
Community | Mature
A Psychedelic Harm Reduction Community & General Good Vibe Zone 🍄. Come be apart of the Noodle Family ❤️
Music | Art
🎶 A surreal hangout for Vaporwave Psychedelic and Lofi. 🌊 Share music and make friends! 🌸 Enjoy smooth aesthetics and artist support. ✨
Music | Art
We do share free samples and software, it's fun here join us! We support LGBTQIA+ (and that's not all) If you’re interested in learning about music production or sharing music of any of these styles, please join us.
Music | Social
This is a new server for Flatbush Zombie fans! This server has: -Custom emotes -Self Assignable Roles -Chat for Zombie fans -Media for pictures/videos -Automatic social media posts -Music bots, and more to come!