The HyLyfe Coven - 18+ Icon
Gaming | Community
A 420-Friendly 18+ Gaming Server with an ever-growing community of chill gamers, stoners, and psychonauts alike
☕Coffee at midnight ☕ Icon
Community | Entertainment
Preferably 18+. However exceptions can be made if you are 17 and can prove you will be turning 18 shortly
DILLIGAF Caffe' Icon
Social | Gaming
Welcome to the DILLIGAF Caffe'. This is basically just a chat room for people to hang out, make friends and enjoy themselves. We've only just opened so we don't have any/many members yet. Feel free to invite your friends and make any suggestions that you think would make the server more fun. The server will likely adapt and change a little as it grows.
Gaming | Entertainment
Not even college kids polished with politics can conquer this after witnessing our hostage get toppled over with hydraulic kits pleading positive for possibly plotting up a hypothesis about some K Pop apocalypse. We dont flop easy like the iPod did.
xo.jalen Icon
Art | Entertainment
"xo.jalen" is a community based around XO.JALEN's music. music can be found on spotify/soundcloud/apple music/etc. -chill community -420 -music -movie/game nights come chill w us
Nebula 42-009 Icon
Community | Gaming
Welcome to The Nebula. We are a community of gamers, music and art enthusiasts for the most part. Although anyone is welcome. Feel free to invite your friends as well. Enjoy your stay ☆
Y3R Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a new server focused on gaming but we have multiple channels for things from graphic designing, screenshots and clips, memes, reddit feed, talking, voice chat and many others. We are looking for new members to liven it up, come join and help grow the server!
HighOnPikachu Icon
Gaming | Streaming
☆New Server for TWITCH STREAMER HIGHONPIKACHU☆ Hai Hai! ^-^ I'm Lady Kaiyo or HighOnPikachu. I'm Shy, Fun, Passionate, Nerdy and very very Flirty. I LOVE making people laugh and smile. Males and Females come come :D
Marijuana Enthusiasts Icon
Welcome to Marijuana Enthusiasts a place where we love marijuana, cannabis, devil lettuce in all it's forms, especially growing it! We want to create an open helpful space where science and sound methodology dictates how we grow and not a "bro-science" or word of mouth approach.
ڪ│Brainlickers│ڪ Icon
Community | Mature
A unique-themed that incorporates a chill community, a place to be yourself & some NSFW! Strict 18+ policy in order to view NSFW. 550+ members, a growing server dedicated to helping you find the right community for you.
Drunk Gaming Icon
Gaming | Community
Discord for a variety of gaming communities to all come together for the love of gaming. Frequent giveaways held all the time come hang out!
The Hangout Center Icon
Social | Community
THC is always fun, so is The Hangout Center. The vibes are strong in this one, lots of peeps willin to sesh n chat pretty much constantly so our voice chats are very active. We are a VC focused community, we have lots of chats to text in but the focus for most is the perpetually full voice chats that we host all day for everyone's seshing needs. were also a very accepting and open minded server, we embrace lots of lifestyles and cultures so even if you dont smoke, youre always welcome to swing by and say hello! We've got lots of roles, channels & fun games and bots so come join in on the fun.
Fluffy's Hot Box Icon
Gaming | Social
|REACT TO MESSAGE IN RULES-VERIFICATION TO GAIN ACVESS TO SERVER| A 18+ preferred 410 friendly server with lots of game channels and a diverse group that play a variety of games, as of now I know everyone in personally, but you can never have too many friends so feel free to join and get to know some of us
Among us Icon
Community | LGBT or add cdmew#3301
Chill Gaming Icon
Entertainment | LGBT
Chill Gaming, A chill gaming community for people that like to chill and talk with others or game with them at the same time. We offer great acceptance for Stoners and LGBT+ With a custom Christmas Trivia you have to try that is only Available til January 1st.
The Highest Thoughts Icon
Community | Social
A small and growing active stoner sever not like anything else. Becoming an active VC server with chill and friendly owners.
Haven Icon
Gaming | Community | Streaming
A great source to chat and find inspiration, support and more from metal health awareness, to gaming groups in overwatch, hunt showdown and more. Share your awesome artwork and photography for constructive criticism or even just discuss your latest awesome bong for smoking that sweet 420
Tech Icon
Technology | Support
Come talk with others about life, technology, and everything else. Originally a video chat community on and This is an adult community! You need to show your face to get a role. Coders welcome!
Thatgooblin's Castle 🏰 Icon
Community | Streaming
Twitch streamer Thatgooblin's discord server for everyone!
High Works 💨 Icon
Community | Gaming
High People, Good Games, Productive Lifestyle & a Life Time of Memories ❤︎ Need a community of people who are always high in the clouds but super active?? Nessa's World is your server! Slide in & let us know what your favorite strain/ favorite video game is right now!! Community includes: Over 70 Roles to Get! Over 80 Animated/Non-Animated Emoji Nitro Boosted (Halfway to lvl.2!) Scheduled VC Smoke Sessions LFG Gaming Channels Productivity Channels (homework, creative work, etc) Watch Parties (weekly) Shameless Plug Networking XP Leveling w/ Tatsu! Game & Music Bots Galore! (Poketwo, Groovy Music Bot, High Question of the Day, Taco Shack) Hiring Mods Now!
Majestically You Icon
Community | Support
Brand new community server. . We offer nsfw (not nudity but adult rated content) channels as well as a variety of others. Server is still growing and will have more to offer as we do. I am currently looking for staff to help build and grow with.
Starfall ✫彡 Icon
Community | Social | Hobbies
𝗦𝘁𝗮𝗿𝗳𝗮𝗹𝗹 ✫彡is a SFW 18+ server that has somewhat mature individuals w/ similar interests! We offer a wide array of events that are hosted on a weekly basis, active voice chats, smoke/music sessions & more! Our goal is to create an environment with good vibes only! Don't be shy, come say hi<3
The Cannaholic Community Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a Gamer/Stoner Community, everyone is welcome. Everyone in our community treats eachother with respect and we all help eachother out.
LGBT Hotbox 18+ Icon
Community | LGBT
Welcome to the LGBT+ Hotbox, an 18+ server for the queer stoner community to congregate and medicate. We are a small server with primarily sfw channels, but a naughty portion you may enter if you so choose. You'll find our VC's pretty frequently inhabited with fellow smokers to join on your morning Wake n' Bake u.u
Bongs n' Beers Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Just a place where you can smoke up, game and talk about interesting stuff! Make sure you add yourself to the #420 role