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Just a simple place for stoners to chill and be buddies. That's it. We're a loving, respectful place. Make yourself at home!
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The Quarantine is a server for Conspiracy, Politics, Friends and Conversations.
Community | Gaming
Wir sind ein freundlicher und sehr entspannter Server, der sich über jeden neuen Nutzer freut! Es wäre schön dich sehen zu können! :D
Community | Gaming
Looking for a really laid back server? Smoke a lil maybe? Maybe you game? Maybe both? Come give The Blocc some love and be apart of this community! Here's what The Blocc provides: • мυѕιc вoт • тeхт gaмeѕ wιтн econoмy • levelιng ѕyѕтeм • cнannelѕ мade тo ѕeparaтe тнe тoхιcιтy and relaхaтιon • 🔞 rooмѕ ғor ѕмoĸιng and converѕaтιon • yoυr own prιvaтe rooмѕ ғor yoυ and yoυr ғrιendѕ тo geт ѕoмe alone тιмe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) • growιng ѕerver ѕo ѕтaғғ wιll вe needed ιn тнe ғυтυre! • recoммend cυѕтoм eмojιѕ and roleѕ!
Investing | Crypto
High Traders - Crypto - Stocks - Forex - Gold
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_***Cocaine Slave Trade***_ 👹 `is a ”cult“ that has connections to the Mexican Cartel and Italian Mafia. We are a friendly community of insane crackheads and are looking to grow.` 👹 gaming. 👹 chatting 👹 memes. 👹 nsfw. 👹 self promotions. ***WE DO SACRAFICES EVERY MONDAY AT 5PM EST.*** 👹 We'd love for you to join and overdose with us.
Gaming | Entertainment
Not even college kids polished with politics can conquer this after witnessing our hostage get toppled over with hydraulic kits pleading positive for possibly plotting up a hypothesis about some K Pop apocalypse. We dont flop easy like the iPod did.
Art | Entertainment
"xo.jalen" is a community based around XO.JALEN's music. music can be found on spotify/soundcloud/apple music/etc. -chill community -420 -music -movie/game nights come chill w us
Gaming | Meme
Chillt und Spielt mit entspannten leuten jeder ist Willkommen
Anime | Community
Hang out and play games, watch anime; or VC! Get your own dedicated channel and tag, it can be for your own private clan; or just a new chat! League? Destiny? Roblox? You want it? We have it!
Community | Social
Night Vibes is a place to chill and hang out. Each role is given to a person based on how active they are with the server.
Community | Streaming
Cannabis community page. A safe place to discuss strains and smoking. We love to see fresh faces join and say hello. Very laid back individuals. Weed_Messiah often goes live on twitch with a daily sesh or two!
Gaming | Meme
Basically just a non-toxic, chill community. Come do whatever, rules really aren't too strict. We are advertiser-friendly, so feel free to advertise your servers here too, just don't be annoying about it. Other than that, it's pretty fun. Oh yeah, no simping either.
Meme | Gaming
Need new members for newly created Discord Join If you smoke that Gonja and play video games Have some good laughs with us and hope to see you here
Gaming | Growth
A DANK server back wit a fresh new DayZ server! Memes, NSFW and chat!
Welcome to Marijuana Enthusiasts a place where we love marijuana, cannabis, devil lettuce in all it's forms, especially growing it! We want to create an open helpful space where science and sound methodology dictates how we grow and not a "bro-science" or word of mouth approach.
Art | Social
NICE SERVER FOR NICE PEOPLE AND ARTISTS the rule is you have to be nice small chill server for people who love animals and artwork
Community | Mature
A unique-themed that incorporates a chill community, a place to be yourself & some NSFW! Strict 18+ policy in order to view NSFW. 550+ members, a growing server dedicated to helping you find the right community for you.
Entertainment | Community
Smoke House™ is an eventful community bringing packers, chill people, with new role opportunities from each community into one. It's a chill community with fine e-girls and e-boys.
Entertainment | Gaming
just chill vibes, make new friends, game, send memes, listen to music, relax, bc, do whatever :).
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THC is always fun, so is The Hangout Center. The vibes are strong in this one, lots of peeps willin to sesh n chat pretty much constantly so our voice chats are very active. We are a VC focused community, we have lots of chats to text in but the focus for most is the perpetually full voice chats that we host all day for everyone's seshing needs. were also a very accepting and open minded server, we embrace lots of lifestyles and cultures so even if you dont smoke, youre always welcome to swing by and say hello! We've got lots of roles, channels & fun games and bots so come join in on the fun.
Community | Social
Weed Community | 18+ | Friendly Staff | Custom Roles | Interactive Bots
Community | Social
"Never Chill Alone" here on the virtual couch where 24/7 there is someone to kick it with always with the chill vibes.
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome Human! 'Addicted To Chilling' is a server made for Gamers & Stoners of all shapes and sizes to come a chill, but really chill. Come, play a few games, speak to some cool people, have a smoke and just have fun! We have such high hopes for this server as I haven't seen many other servers with the same mission as our server has. We just want to make a great community of good people because there too much negativity going on right now. If you've read this far I think its fair enough to presume that you'd fit right in here. Click that join button and I'll see you in there! Thanks again... ~Ritchiewayyy
Community | Music
The Getaway : ⬇ -Friendly cannabis community -Smoke sesh’s / rewards and prizes for joining special event sesh’s -Up to date Cannabis News! -Explore new music Your place to smoke, chill, and stay informed! Not a better place to be..
Gaming | Meme
Gaming and big reefa sessions :} (Rainbow 6, Rust, Fortnite, Rocket League, CSGO) more games will be added, there is a #recommendations chat for new gaming roles to be added. ( Boosted Lvl 1, Smoking Shelter lol, Memes chat, Party room)
Entertainment | LGBT
Chill Gaming, A chill gaming community for people that like to chill and talk with others or game with them at the same time. We offer great acceptance for Stoners and LGBT+ With a custom Christmas Trivia you have to try that is only Available til January 1st.
Community | Social
A small and growing active stoner sever not like anything else. Becoming an active VC server with chill and friendly owners.
Community | Social
Are you single? Do you like to chat with others listen to music and get high? Do you live in California? Come join California Singles Zone on Discord.
Community | Mature
Mary Jane Lane is a new 18+ community for like minded individuals who enjoy weed, psychedelics, and alcohol. It's a safe server for vibing with friends while toking or tripping. We also have channels for gaming, posting pictures, general chatting, NSFW, and more. Our voice channels are active and well moderated by attentive staff. We are a female friendly server with lots of supportive people to become friends with. Come sesh with us and join the MJL family!
YouTuber | Music
A place for friends!
Community | Gaming
The official FatForWeed discord server Come to make friends or just chat this is the right spot
Gaming | Mature
A place for you to smoke weed and hang out with other gamers. We play a variety of different games which you can come along and have fun and smoke a big bong.
Community | Hobbies
The I.T.C. is a awesome chill community with members from all around the globe. Everybody is welcome, not just smokers! Stoners are also welcome. We have discussions about everything smoking related (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, vape, Shisha, and a little cannabis) and other non related topics!