Community | Education
NEW low moderation server focused on - various conspiracy theories astrology & how-to guides various occult topics & more come chill & learn w us (:
Hobbies | Entertainment
Drugs, harm reduction, and an active voice chat.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Bigodes RolePlay! Bigodes RP, fundado em 2020, é uma comunidade portuguesa de roleplay focada em Grand Theft Auto V - FIVEM.
Gaming | Business
You can buy drugs locations over here for only 4 euro. This is no scam, you will get confirm that we have The files first before you pay.
Furry | Entertainment
If ur bored then join lmfao. WELCOME TO .45 GLOC We are a community designed to provide help for users suffering from the following: depression, boredom, racing thoughts, stress, anxiety, lower back pain, migraines, and other familiar illnesses! Ig you can call it a “one server to rule them all” type community UWU. Gaming, chatting, music, partying, drug use, art, gambling, crime, furry shit, and anime shit is all welcome!!!!
Gaming | Role-Playing
Hello welcome to ForceEdgeRP here at FORP we are a role play server for PC FiveM we have active staff and we are a new community so please come by and check out the great community
Community | Social
Welcome to Legally Drunk! We're a server based around relaxed conversations and overall chill stuff. We have few different fun bots, and we're looking forward to adding more in future. The server offers some drug harm reduction stuff, but that category is still expanding here. If you wanna spend some time having relaxed conversations about any SFW and non offensive subjects, this server is for you.
Community | Support
At Psychosafety, we’re dedicated to providing our users with the most accurate and well-researched information via an immense database of psychoactive compounds, how they work, and how they are used safely and efficiently. Our data is verified by our experts, as well as anecdotal reports in order to get the most comprehensive information possible. Psychosafety has/will have a comprehensive list of legal, illegal, and gray market research chemicals, their subjective effects, dosage, duration of action, and countless more pieces of information. Psychosafety does not endorse or advocate the use of any psychoactive substance, but rather the practice of harm reduction.
Social | YouTuber
sickest hang out group
Anime | Community
SAD BOYS + UNRELEASED MUSIC Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi, Carti, Kanye, Don Toliver, sosa, unreleased music and Leaks
Community | Science
An open community server for discussion of science, religion, and politics with no rules except the discord community guidelines. -Khan of the Bathhouse
Gaming | Social
Wij zijn MineCoast. Wij zijn een vervolg-server op MineVille en dit keer gaan we het veel uitgebreider uitpakken! We hebben een ijzersterk staffteam die alles voor elkaar krijgt! Kortom, de plek om voor jou een realistische speelervaring neer te zetten! Wat hebben wij te bieden? | Een custom map met allemaal bezienswaardigheden! | Een mine, Farm en een houthakkersdorp om je eerste kosten te verdienen! | Vette cars om rond de map te rijden! | Een vette webshop waar je toffe items kan kopen! | Goede developers die alles regelen, zoals een custom computer plugin! | Drugs dealers en Wietplantages | Een ijzersterk staffteam die altijd voor je klaar staat! | Een realistische economie | Uitgebreide roleplay storyline Server IP: #Soon Website: #Soon Dynmap: #Soon Discord Link:
Community | Music
Gurners of the Galaxy is a community server, for all your fucking druggos and sesh heads.
Technology | Gaming
Discord Market for selling and buying literally anything, it can be cp to your mothers leaked pictures.
Art | Social
NICE SERVER FOR NICE PEOPLE AND ARTISTS the rule is you have to be nice small chill server for people who love animals and artwork
Community | Social
Out inclusive, EIGHTEEN AND OVER, drama free, no bullshit mental health server focused on chill vibes, support, drug harm reduction, and community, with a little less of the 'rainbows and unicorns' vibe. we found a lack of support servers with an older audience, and hope our eighteen and over server can feel safe and comfortable as a minor-free space. support is our main goal. we offer private channels for a variety of disorders, advice/venting channels, and harm reduction resources. substance use friendly with a focus on harm reduction. we aren't here to tell you what to do with your body; we just want you to be as safe as possible. we know demanding abstinence isn't particularly useful. events. game nights, movie nights, voice chats, music parties... we're down for it all. more than an anonymous venting void. we want to build a social community of friends, not just an emotion dumpster. come get to know us and make some understanding, like-minded friends.
Community | Support
A friendly community for discussing harm-reduction and recreational drug use. We welcome those in recovery for any substance addiction, aswell.