Welcome to DnAD, it's a server meant to not be taken seriously, almost everything is allowed besides obvious things like racism and anything underage. Enjoy:pray: 18+ only
A fun place to talk to open-minded people and share drug experiences. We highly encourage harm reduction and safe use! 18+ ONLY In our server, we enjoy having tangential conversations of all types. But, most of the time, our conversations revolve around drug pharmacology or experiences. We have a wide variety of members that are from all across the globe. We strictly PROHIBIT the sale, sourcing, or distribution of drugs. We are simply a community of open-minded individuals that partake in self-exploring.
Drugs, harm reduction, and an active voice chat.
Bigodes RolePlay! Bigodes RP, fundado em 2020, é uma comunidade portuguesa de roleplay focada em Grand Theft Auto V - FIVEM.
If ur bored then join lmfao. WELCOME TO .45 GLOC We are a community designed to provide help for users suffering from the following: depression, boredom, racing thoughts, stress, anxiety, lower back pain, migraines, and other familiar illnesses! Ig you can call it a “one server to rule them all” type community UWU. Gaming, chatting, music, partying, drug use, art, gambling, crime, furry shit, and anime shit is all welcome!!!!
*attention* You can actually earn money by inviting people in the server WELCOME TO LSD whats LSD? fuck knows, just a random name lmao but druggies join so whatever looking for interesting people WE NEED DRAMA We have e-girls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Looking for staff. This server offers a lot so don't miss it.
BEYOND aesthetic. Aesthetic community for chill people. Sign up for a Gallery on our Gallery Server! Aesthetic reaction roles & Channel variety! Welcome 友達.
We are a chill place to hang out and discuss topics involving legal and illicit substances. Note: We do not condone the use of illicit substances, however we do promote harm reduction.
Hello welcome to ForceEdgeRP here at FORP we are a role play server for PC FiveM we have active staff and we are a new community so please come by and check out the great community https://discord.gg/bKDT73B
Welcome to Legally Drunk! We're a server based around relaxed conversations and overall chill stuff. We have few different fun bots, and we're looking forward to adding more in future. The server offers some drug harm reduction stuff, but that category is still expanding here. If you wanna spend some time having relaxed conversations about any SFW and non offensive subjects, this server is for you.
Come chill out, spark a blunt, and chat with some other smokers. You can trade stories, discuss personal preferences, or just about anything else. 😄
NITRO GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW! Looking to join a brand new community that you can grow with? Look no further than The Gutter! We have the most chill members that welcome anyone to come and hangout. Smoke weed? We do to! Come roll one up with us sometime! You might meet a new life-long friend. » Monthly Nitro and Game giveaways! » Stoner Friendly » Looking For Staff Need Partner Managers! Join the server and DM @Trey#1749 if you're interested!
Do you smoke weed? Do you game? Well either one will do, both would be better but hey. Join for a gaming community looking to play and smoke. There are weed smoking chats as well as game specific chats waiting for you. What are you waiting for!?
At Psychosafety, we’re dedicated to providing our users with the most accurate and well-researched information via an immense database of psychoactive compounds, how they work, and how they are used safely and efficiently. Our data is verified by our experts, as well as anecdotal reports in order to get the most comprehensive information possible. Psychosafety has/will have a comprehensive list of legal, illegal, and gray market research chemicals, their subjective effects, dosage, duration of action, and countless more pieces of information. Psychosafety does not endorse or advocate the use of any psychoactive substance, but rather the practice of harm reduction.
Both people who smoke weed or take psychedelics may come across common paranoia. Its this paranoia that holds us back from enjoying the amazing and profound experience. At Zoot Central we try to help anyone get across this. So pick up your weed/bud/ganka wax pen or eddible and join this discord!
Come join the largest drug-related server on Discord!
An open community server for discussion of science, religion, and politics with no rules except the discord community guidelines. -Khan of the Bathhouse
sickest hang out group
SAD BOYS + UNRELEASED MUSIC Juice Wrld, Lil Uzi, Carti, Kanye, Don Toliver, sosa, unreleased music and Leaks
This NSFW server is designed to unite like-minded individuals from all over the world for the fostering and sharing of collective ideas. Topics discussed herein range from casual conversations to PNP. Be familiar with the term "PNP" prior to accessing this server and it's NSFW content.
Smoker friendly educational community for all the weed needs.
Drugs Community (18+) is a platform for open-minded and non-judgemental discussion about all drugs and drug use with a focus on harm reduction. Most of all be civil and polite to everyone Please read #rules before partaking in the discussion.
This Server is for people who are interested in drugs and medicine. If you are a trained medical professional or just someone who wants to learn about medication from a professional pharmacist. Everyone is welcome!