Community | Hobbies
The I.T.C. is a awesome chill community with members from all around the globe. Everybody is welcome, not just smokers! Stoners are also welcome. We have discussions about everything smoking related (Cigarettes, Cigars, Pipes, vape, Shisha, and a little cannabis) and other non related topics!
Community | Gaming
Hello! Thank you for showing your interest in the smoking room! We are a community of stoners who play games. But we welcome all to come and hang out! Games all have their own role so you can easily find friends looking to play with. We are always looking for more friends, come on in! We would love to have you! - Alex & Missi
The official Discord server of Reddit's /r/hookah subreddit. Come smoke with us.
We create this server to connect two activities. Smoking pot and gaming! Come to us and lets smoke together
Art | Community
What's the best thing to do after a long session of a danmaku battle? Smoking! Join in and talk about how much you love smoking (or not, we won't judge) :) We also encourage talking about other topics, including drinking!