Welcome to Atomic Happy Hour! The only discord server to self Alchohol to minors! (For legal reasons thats a joke). You will level up here by talking with the community, playing in the arcade, playing in the casino, posting memes, posting fan-art, ect. Please be sure to check out the following channels below #color-selection is the place to be if you want to change your name color! #🎉-events will happen every so often whether it's playing video games, or chatting be sure to join in the fun! #💺-lounge is for almost everything! Interact with the community and make plenty of friends! #🚻-bathroom-talk is the place where you want to make dirty jokes, ect. Keep in mind the rules when posting here! #🍻-bar is the place where adults can speak about whatever they want without the young ones getting involved. In the CASINO you can earn currency. With this currency you can go into #🏬-store and buy yourself something nice!
The Pub is a social drinking discord that has a chill and fun environment. Come tell us what you're drinking!