The official JeFawk Games discord server. Games, development, and related bullshit but don't be a prick about it.
< Hello there & welcome to Dead Man's Drink. This Discord was created 24th of October 2019. Here we play games, socialize, eat great food and drink delicious beverages of our likings. :) >
gaming, kush and manboobs
We are the Midnight Memers, an epic new gaming community that is going to be basically the best one ever simply because we all are memers and gamers.
🍺The Pub🍺 A community of people looking for a chat! 🌟Active Voice Calls🌟 Text Chats🌟 Bots🌟 Drunks🌟
Casual chat for all things Untappd and Craft Beer. You do not have to be an Untappd user to join. All beer lovers are welcome!
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The Pub is a social drinking discord that has a chill and fun environment. Come tell us what you're drinking!