Wanting to get stoned and chill with some laid back drop outs? Well, just the server for you. ☆∴。 * We have cookies  ・゚*。★・   ・ *゚。   * Questionable emotes that make no sense and channels based on clouds, feel free to kick back, turn on some lofi, and watch the colors mesh together...
if you're a weed and/or cbd lover, then this server is for you! we keep a positive energy flowing, so if you need a little getaway then i'll see you there. ✨
Super chill and friendly server. All about the 710/420 life. Currently at 900+ members so its not boring here. Dont come in here with negativity as you'll no longer be there.
Just a simple place for stoners to chill and be buddies. That's it. We're a loving, respectful place. Make yourself at home!
Looking for a really laid back server? Smoke a lil maybe? Maybe you game? Maybe both? Come give The Blocc some love and be apart of this community! Here's what The Blocc provides: • мυѕιc вoт • тeхт gaмeѕ wιтн econoмy • levelιng ѕyѕтeм • cнannelѕ мade тo ѕeparaтe тнe тoхιcιтy and relaхaтιon • 🔞 rooмѕ ғor ѕмoĸιng and converѕaтιon • yoυr own prιvaтe rooмѕ ғor yoυ and yoυr ғrιendѕ тo geт ѕoмe alone тιмe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) • growιng ѕerver ѕo ѕтaғғ wιll вe needed ιn тнe ғυтυre! • recoммend cυѕтoм eмojιѕ and roleѕ!
A new stoner server with a strong community thats just gonna keep getting stronger!
We are a 420-based community that is currently going through a remodel and looking for new staff members to assist with the upcoming changes. Join and you just may find new people you like!
NITRO GIVEAWAY RIGHT NOW! Looking to join a brand new community that you can grow with? Look no further than The Gutter! We have the most chill members that welcome anyone to come and hangout. Smoke weed? We do to! Come roll one up with us sometime! You might meet a new life-long friend. » Monthly Nitro and Game giveaways! » Stoner Friendly » Looking For Staff Need Partner Managers! Join the server and DM @Trey#1749 if you're interested!
Chilliger Stoner Discord
Do you smoke weed? Do you game? Well either one will do, both would be better but hey. Join for a gaming community looking to play and smoke. There are weed smoking chats as well as game specific chats waiting for you. What are you waiting for!?
Welcome to Budd's Buds 🙂 If you're looking for a place to chill, get baked and just genuinely have a good time, then come join us! ***What we offer*** ☻Chats for Gamers ☻420 Friendly ☻Memes ☻And much more! ⌈❖☻☻☻ ✟ ☻☻☻❖⌉
Budview is a server dedicated to the discussion of Canadian marijuana & Canadian online dispensaries (mail order marjiuana). Come and join an active community of stoners, connoisseurs, growers, producers and online dispensaries! We're discussing and reviewing the finest weed in Canada!
~Doobie Smokezz Entertainment~ Server Owners: @Doobie Smokezz & @Souless Ginger This server is a community of people who love staying high, no judgment, no hate, just fun, entertainment and laughter. Our server is in progress, but we have lots of interesting things already, we have sections dedicated to our comedian vlogger and server owner @Doobie Smokezz, We have channels to post art, music and stoner stories. Join us and help our community grow. ~Channels~ ~ Stoner Talk ~ Doobies Videos ~Stoner Stories ~Self Assigned Roles ~Introductions ~Media Channels ~Selfie Channel and so so much more! @Partnership Ping https://discord.gg/xmWC5u9
Stoners Paradise is a chill and relaxed social server mainly for stoners and growers (Still have a couple of things i need to finish so the servers not %100 done yet)
Dead stream and a dead discord for dead people, if youre not cool youre getting instabanned, but if you are, youre gonna enjoy it buddy
This server is a community of people who love to play video games, get stoned/drunk and have fun time where u get the opportunity to meet new people and just over all kick back and enjoy the server.
420 is a Discord server for all people/gamers who smoke some weed sometimes. Join our server and chill and hang out with people that are stoned as much as you.
Laid back server for stoners to banter & chat.
‧͙⁺˚*Hey there! We’re a small, 18+ community for users who are looking to meet new people, make new friends, and form genuine connections with people.
Tartarus has no big aspirations, we simply aim to create a small genuine community that can serve as a place for oneself to call home. The server is pretty laid back and having fun, enjoying ourselves and forging great friendships. Which is our primary goal.
StonerBros.org is a 420 gaming community created back in 2013! Our main key is a freedom of speech and always have fun! Server owners and admins are mature people. StonerBros community is the best place get baked and chill with nice people!