Social | Community | Mature
18+ server to chill & vibe. 420 friendly, active VC, fun & sassy emotes, lots of channels to post in, & an aesthetic atmosphere.
Gaming | Community
A 420-Friendly 18+ Gaming Server with an ever-growing community of chill gamers, stoners, and psychonauts alike
Community | LGBT
Welcome to the LGBT+ Hotbox, an 18+ server for the queer stoner community to congregate and medicate. We are a small server with primarily sfw channels, but a naughty portion you may enter if you so choose. You'll find our VC's pretty frequently inhabited with fellow smokers to join on your morning Wake n' Bake u.u
Social | Community
Just a simple place for stoners to chill and be buddies. That's it. We're a loving, respectful place. Make yourself at home!
Social | Gaming
We are a social/hangout community, with a heavy focus on anime, gaming, books & other entertainment, and stoner stuff. We aim to create a welcoming, wholesome, and tight-knight community for all of our members~ We do not actively focus on reaching certain member counts, we just want active, friendly people looking to form genuine connections with other people!
Community | Gaming
Looking for a really laid back server? Smoke a lil maybe? Maybe you game? Maybe both? Come give The Blocc some love and be apart of this community! Here's what The Blocc provides: • мυѕιc вoт • тeхт gaмeѕ wιтн econoмy • levelιng ѕyѕтeм • cнannelѕ мade тo ѕeparaтe тнe тoхιcιтy and relaхaтιon • 🔞 rooмѕ ғor ѕмoĸιng and converѕaтιon • yoυr own prιvaтe rooмѕ ғor yoυ and yoυr ғrιendѕ тo geт ѕoмe alone тιмe ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) • growιng ѕerver ѕo ѕтaғғ wιll вe needed ιn тнe ғυтυre! • recoммend cυѕтoм eмojιѕ and roleѕ!
Streaming | Community
Dead stream and a dead discord for dead people, if youre not cool youre getting instabanned, but if you are, youre gonna enjoy it buddy
Social | Community
Tartarus has no big aspirations, we simply aim to create a small genuine community that can serve as a place for oneself to call home. The server is pretty laid back and having fun, enjoying ourselves and forging great friendships. Which is our primary goal.
Social | Community
We're a small but growing group of chill people looking for more to vibe with.
Community | Meme
A social server for anyone who wants to join!
Gaming | Social
[NA] [EU] [GIVEAWAYS] [STONER FRIENDLY] [NOOB FRIENDLY] If you are looking for an ACTIVE Escape from Tarkov community? If so come partake in our awesome discord and join squads you'll want to play with again!
Community | Social
Weed Community | 18+ | Friendly Staff | Custom Roles | Interactive Bots
Community | Music
The Getaway : ⬇ -Friendly cannabis community -Smoke sesh’s / rewards and prizes for joining special event sesh’s -Up to date Cannabis News! -Explore new music Your place to smoke, chill, and stay informed! Not a better place to be..
Community | Social
A small and growing active stoner sever not like anything else. Becoming an active VC server with chill and friendly owners.
LGBT | Community
hi. welcome to vagina land where all are welcome blah blah blah. to sum it up this is a new server and we are looking to grow so come on and join us along this adventure.
Social | Anime
Server for Indian weebs, indieheads, and stoners. Everyone is welcome, you're free to join even if you're not interested any of the above.
Community | Gaming
High People, Good Games, Productive Lifestyle & a Life Time of Memories ❤︎ Need a community of people who are always high in the clouds but super active?? Nessa's World is your server! Slide in & let us know what your favorite strain/ favorite video game is right now!! Community includes: Over 70 Roles to Get! Over 80 Animated/Non-Animated Emoji Nitro Boosted (Halfway to lvl.2!) Scheduled VC Smoke Sessions LFG Gaming Channels Productivity Channels (homework, creative work, etc) Watch Parties (weekly) Shameless Plug Networking XP Leveling w/ Tatsu! Game & Music Bots Galore! (Poketwo, Groovy Music Bot, High Question of the Day, Taco Shack) Hiring Mods Now!
Gaming | Social
We are a Gamer/Stoner Community, everyone is welcome. Everyone in our community treats eachother with respect and we all help eachother out.