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Rust LFG is the fastest growing LFG Platform for finding friends. Checkout to join the Discord Server!

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Rust LFG is the fastest growing LFG Platform for finding friends. Checkout to join the Discord Server!

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Rust LFG - Welcome to our platform (


Welcome everyone to Rust LFG Are you looking for a group? We got you covered. The best technology is used on our platform to give you a smooth and fast experience.


Currently Rust LFG Social Hub uses Beta Software, we use lightweight software to get fast loading times, but this is something you don't have to worry about

Our platform functions like Reddit, only our main priority is Rust LFG. Our Rust LFG is probaly one of the easiest platforms to use, so make good use of it!

If you have any questions feel free to hit us up on our discord channel:

Our official Twitter account:

Sign Up Problems

Sign up should be smooth and easy, but the confirmation email 9/10 times gets in the spam box, we will fix this. Just check your spam box for the confirmation email.


We are planning to make Rust LFG - Social Hub one of the easiest platforms to use, get your team together fast. Not only do we make the platform, we constantly update,moderate it so it is one of the best platforms for finding groups for Rust.

Things to be added:

Discord integration sign up FINISHED Steam login Finished Better profiles Researching Up/down posts Not Started Yet Social logins Partly Finished. Maybe adding Facebook/Twitter Known Issues

User profile pathfinding problems, i.e. if you click on the about page on /u/Hyperion - only works on internal pages at the moment.

Join our Rust Servers - EU Main

Hop into the main action on our mayhem Main server, Be asured for some great action on our main server IP: client.connect /in F1 console Map Wipe Every Monday 19:00 CET Blueprint Wipe Biweekly (14 Days) ⏩Skip Queue

People can skip the Queue if the server is full on our store page: Rust LFG Store

? Support

Support is given through Discord you can create a ticket to report a cheater. or simply do /report Your message Ingame. And ofcourse make sure to report the cheaters to the developers through (F7)

We do not give ingame support such as lost keys, lost codes, or anything like that - We never interfere with gameplay.

? Online Players - See Battlemetrics

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