Its been a while and we now have a number of members who took various roles, such as instructors, students, and even as villains. Now that we have somewhat enough characters to let the plot start moving, we have decided to officially start the first arc's first event, which is the welcome banquet.

The current plot flow is as follows;

First Major Arc: THE AUGURY A thousand and five hundred years ago humanity was taken off guard by the biggest catastrophe that mankind have faced. Now, with the help of various record from history and advanced technology, District Five and District Three have reported that signs of the second celestial alignment have shown up.

Will the second coming really come? Or is it just a coincidence?

Minor Events: ╰・Welcome Banquet: Whether the reports of the second coming is true or not, Lodestar Academy has opened its gates to welcome another batch of students that were invited to study and become the next generation of warriors. A banquet will be held to welcome these new bloods... but trouble is brewing.

More information about the minor arc: The welcome banquet has its hidden dangers. What will it be? A noble devourer have escaped from District 05, which is a first in more than a hundred years. People from 5th district did not inform the public about this and the news was not yet disseminated to the other high ranked people of Eden. The fifth district sent out their private elites to hunt down this run away noble, but for 3 days no news was heard.

The cause of trouble during the banquet will be this devourer. Because of the amount of astrals inside the academy, this noble devourer (might also be a corrupted) who is lingering between sanity and madness was attracted to the strong life essence of young astrals and the allure was multiplied by many times during the banquet.

So this attack was already predicted but the academy staff but they did not expect it to be a noble rank devourer (or corrupted), the ending will be up to the players. Whether the devourer dies, caught back by fifth district or escaped. Each of those ending has their own continuation, the next minor event/arc will depend on how this event ends.

. . .

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