Looking for a chill place to find teammates for the games you play ? Say less! Here at Nemesis Community we have:

〚❖〛Over 100 members! 👀 〚❖〛Availability for all platforms and all regions! 😁 〚❖〛Channels for everything! 🤯 〚❖〛Many entertainment channels! 🤗 〚❖〛Awesome people to play with, talk with and chat with! 🥵 〚❖〛We hear it often that we are better then the most community servers! 😊 〚❖〛Doing giveaways, tournaments and events! 🎉 〚❖〛99% toxic free server growing every single day! 😉

And so much more of course! Feel free to chat with members, find new people to play with, share moments and memes, look for rank squads, etc, all in one Discord server!

We hope you will enjoy this server, https://discord.gg/uscZA7v3EU