Hello and Good Morning @everyone, (Unless if you live in a different timezone. I live in the UTC/GMT -8 hours)

Anyway, I would like to announce some new discord server updates!

As you can see there are new channels and a new role that you can get!

Channels Introducing the introduce-yourself channel. You can introduce yourself if you have not done it already. Like say hi and what you like.

The git-webhooks channel logs everything that happens on my GitHub. Like a star can trigger who gave my repo a star. Someone can commit a pull request and it will show. DM or ping me on the server if you want to know how to set this up on your server.

Roles Introducing the @Event Pings role! You get notified for new events on the discord server! More info on the reaction-roles channel. You can also claim the role on the same channel too.

Not New but, great server features If you talk or if you are active on the server, you gain xp. You can keep gaining xp to get to a level.

MEE6 DM welcome card

If you join the discord server with an alt account or if a new user joins. They will get a new and improved welcome card. I worked on the welcome card so it will be better than the old minecraft server. (The minecraft server doesn't work anymore). But, the user joins the server. MEE6 will DM you and give you a list of features on the discord server as well as ways that you can help our discord server grow.

Currency You can run /daily or !daily to get coins! If you collect them on a daily basis, it will count as a streak and you will get more and more. Unless if you break the streak.

Music Rhythm and Groovy may have died. But you can still listen to music on discord with MEE6. Run his command /play [url or song name] or !play [url or song name]

This is all for the announcements. Please enjoy your day! Bye bye!