Discord.me doesn't give me nearly enough room to type all that I want to include as the "teaser" or short description for Oraedu. So, right below is a short description of the lore (but longer than what is on the side) as well as what is in the server.

Many, many years ago, there was nothing.

Then, there was something. A young goddess in search of some meaning, so she began to create the Expanse, a world, and.. life. She created many little creatures to keep her company. But.. it wasn't enough for the young goddess. She still felt empty. As a result, she created people.. or.. peoples to be exact. She made them all look similar to her, but each had a different alteration. They were different species, but they were all still connected. The young goddess lived with her new people for hundreds of years. Soon, though, came the time when it was too much, and she returned to the clouds. Her people, though, took a route she never expected and brought war and destruction down on the lands. Their goddess could no longer suffer the pain of her people dying, so she turned her back on them and left. They lived on a polluted and death-filled planet for hundreds of years.

But that all changed when the storms slammed their world. All life seemed to cease. Their world retaliated to their destruction with destruction. The remaining people never actually knew if it was their world or the young goddess that they believed to still be watching them. Instead of continuing their violent nature, they created a new, clean, and connected world of advanced, clean technology. The species joined together as one and fought no longer. They built the world back up from ashes and destruction, naming it..


Welcome to Oraedu! We are a semi-literate to literate roleplaying server on Discord. Oraedu is a continent on the planet Iseterra that has many sentient species that you might see in a Fantasy Server. These species live in an advanced, Science Fiction society.

There are many things that can help you get started in Oreadu. (List don't work, so here's a little description, lol)

We have all of our information in Google Docs and there is A LOT of great information for you to sort through to make a well-versed character that fits into society. There are things like a timeline, list of vehicles, description of history, and so much more! We are a very welcoming community, and I (mami) and always happy to answer any questions you may have!

So, come, join us, and begin your journey through Oraedu! We hope to see you soon! (Disclaimer: There is not much magic. Only elemental properties that certain species can control, and you cannot be a robot.)

  • mami :) (server owner)