Friendly, wholesome community for you to socialize, share, and enjoy! Chatting, Emotes, Gaming, Art, Writing, Roleplay, & More! (More info in server description!)
A mystical and fantastical realm of mystery and fun-focused around the player rather than the grand scheme. Come join us, maybe stay around for the next beginning?
Hi! I'm Rain, creator of a fantasy roleplay server on discord. With a growing number of 17 members, we roleplay with creativity. No madder your roleplay style, or writing level we will accept and respect you. Currently, there is no server lore as I based the city of this roleplay off Detroit, MI. Choose between demons, vampires, crossbreeds, faeries, witches, and more! What the server offers: - 10 Different characters per person - Active and friendly staff - 20+ Roleplay channels - Quests - 7 Fun bots You can even sign up to mold the lore for this universe! Your character can even come from different universes! Don't have any ocs? You can play as already existing characters like Spider-man from Marvel, or Sans from Undertale!
MATRYOSHKA A forum RP with supplemental OOC server on discord.
We are a friendly rp, looking for members.
Welcome to Fantastika a rp set in the future the year of 2231 where magic and modern tech co exist would you join a faction and fight in the many possible wars? would you be a freelancer? or try to find your own faction? the choice is yours
Greetings! If you're seeing this- So basically, this is your average fantasy / medieval RP server! From elves, and demons, to kings and queens! It's fairly new, so you won't have to worry about being lost within the RP. Hmm, Okay, so there are a few rules, but otherwise, we have options for normal