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A Pokémon Go Server that offers raids, trades, and a lot more! Join our Facebook Messenger group for better interaction and exclusive features.

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A Pokémon Go Server that offers raids, trades, and a lot more! Join our Facebook Messenger group for better interaction and exclusive features.

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RamaRaids (Legendary Raid Hour)


PokemonRama hosts a fun filled hour long raids weekly for Legendary Raid Hour.

》How do I join? You need to aquire the "Legendary Raider" or "Rama Raider" role.

》How do I aquire the "Legendary Raider" or "Rama Raider" role? Go to https://www.patreon.com/PokemonRama and purchase one of the two tiers.

After purchasing one of the tiers, message JustieStephy, the server owner your confirmation ID/number.

Seeking Moderators

PokemonRama is seeking volunteers who are interested in becoming a Rama (mod). Multiple positions are available. Reach out to JustieStephy, to learn more.

Battle Gyms Takover

A new event, Battle Gyms Takeover is for team Mystic trainers who spoof. A reminder will be announced two hours before starting. Once started trainers will fly over to the given coordinates and begin right away. When finished trainers move on to the next given coordinates to the next gym. All gyms are located at the grand coordinates. Typically there are ten to fifteen gyms to defeat. These gyms will always be located in an area thats popular. That way you'll always get your Pokémon back within 24 hours.

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