We would like to create an EP with all the talents of ProducerZone, the idea would be to make a project of about 10 tracks plus 2-3 bonus tracks. The final project will be posted on all streaming platforms (spotify, deezer, youtube etc...) and each of the participants who will have been validated to take part in the elaboration of the project will be credited for each track they will have taken part in according to the receipts made on the corresponding tracks!

We are looking for a solid and quality project, that's why we are organizing a casting to make the most talented members of the server participate!

Our goal is to unite the members even more at the same time, that's why we will privilege the members able to compose in collaboration with other members!

The goal is to have about ten producers/beatmakers and ten artists participating in this project (bonus spots may be awarded).

If you know anyone around you or have a team that you would like to get involved, don't hesitate to tell them!


The @πŸ’Ώ Producer and @ Professional roles for producers/beatmakers, the @πŸ’Ώ PΓ©pite RC and @πŸ“€ Star RC roles will be prioritized in the castings but you will still be able to try your luck to participate, no matter what your level is, just know that we will take the most talented among you!

To participate in the casting and try to win your place for the conception of this EP you have to send us your best prods and sounds that you have realized until now by mail :

[email protected] (don't forget to mention your discord name in your mails)

A voc with the members can be done to validate the casting !

We leave you until August 1st to send your prods and sounds to participate to the casting,