1 YEAR Yes, it's already been 1 year since ProducerZone exists and we have grown together together, in the music, and in 1 year it has seen talent, we have seen each of you evolve and we are very proud to have a talented and generous community, we love you all !

SPECIAL DAYS 1 year is a celebration! It's a very special day, that's why we're going to organize various things all week long to celebrate it!

  1. Special project We have the project to create an EP with the most talented members of the server (see in the #γ€ŽπŸ’½γ€ep-casting lounge)

  2. Giveaways there will be giveaways with and without constraints for all members every day until July 4, midnight!

  3. Special role We will add in the coming days a bot function for you to get the role. The role @🧑 1 year will be added automatically when you have spent 1 year with us, from the time you joined the server. Extra bonuses with the role will be added!

  4. Any double count Until Sunday, July 4, midnight, everything counts double on the server, contest and activity points, beatcoins, rewards and giveaways!