• Modules The RAID module now has a list of bypasses that are allowed to create, delete rooms and roles The RAID module now kicks the member that creates, deletes massively rooms and/or roles automatically rather than deleting or recreating in a loop The Captcha module now offers a direct link. You just have to validate without selecting servers: https://protect-bot.fr/robot/ID-SERVER-DISCORD/ The AntiSpam module is now more efficient, it detects similar messages, bans the user if he comes back as spam and adds a slowmode on the room in case of massive spam The AntiSpam module now detects everyone without exception, except the owner of course, for a reinforced security The AntiSpam module now has a room bypass, send massive messages in a room without being worried by a kick! The blacklist will now be considered as a criminal record. Removal requests will therefore no longer be possible but your malicious status will be removed after one year (Automatic banning of the autoban module disabled).

  • Commands The p.captcha command now has an argument to disable the automatic configuration of chat rooms: p.captcha on @ROLE off` > The p.captcha command now has an argument to disable the automatic configuration of chat rooms: p.captcha on @ROLE off** > The p.captcha command now has an argument to disable the automatic configuration of chat rooms: p.captcha on @ROLE off > The p.captcha' command now rejects roles with dangerous permissions, which are above the person making the command and bot roles The p.check command now displays the user's list of violations with proofs via a webhook The p.banid command now prevents banning members who are above the person The p.contact command no longer displays direct links but displays clickable text


  • Modules Added an automatic kick when a member adds dangerous permissions to the everyone role and/or the role assigned to the captcha Add an automatic kick for the detection of sending an embed by a member (selfbot) Creation of the Lang module allows to change the language of the bot on the server where the command is done (p.lang). Creation of the Webhook module which deletes all messages that will be sent by a webhook. Creation of the AntiBot module, which automatically kicks any bot when it arrives on your server. Creation of the MassKickBan module which automatically kicks a person if a member starts to ban or massively kick users. The sensitivity is adjustable and an option to bypass users is present. Creation of the module Logs which will define the room in which Protect will send all the information messages intended for your moderation team. (p.setlogs). It will contain the logs of Protect's modules (AntiSpam, raid module, dangerous permissions, and also indicate if a person is ever blacklisted when they join)

  • Commands Creation of the command p.delrole which allows the owner to delete all roles named like this. Creation of the p.delchannel command which allows the owner to delete all the lounges with this name. Creation of the command p.report which will create a chat room between the Protect staff and the server administration to simplify the exchange for blacklists.

  • Team side Creation of the command p.restore to restore the states of your modules to the one before the emergency Creation of a suspicious command detection system that warns the team in case of a raid command Creation of a blocking system by user to avoid handicapping a whole server when one person has decided to annoy the world


Removed the Notification module and put it in the Logs module Removal of the p.blacklist command in profile of the p.report command