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Hello! I'm Mayo, a custom multi purpose bot useful for community servers, my command categories are: Admin, fun, general, logging, moderation and even WikipediaAndUrban commands! If you are looking for a simple and useful bot, I'm the one!
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All commands use the same prefix. ">" is the default prefix, but it can be changed to any character(s) you choose. Level System: The HavenBot level system grants XP for chatting as well as inviting users to the server. Top users are displayed on a server-wide leaderboard. The system supports roles granted at certain levels, as well as roles that grant XP boosts. These can be used to create a permissions flow based on activity, and can also be offered as rewards. Logging: HavenBot features a log that provides detailed information on important events that occur in the server. Deleted messages, edited messages, moderation actions and administration actions are all logged, among other things. Moderation: HavenBot has commands for warnings, timed mutes, and timed bans. These commands integrate with the logs and join-leave, and provide proper notification to the user.
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Slushie is a furry bot that you can play music, boop another friend's snoot, or use as a sona hub for all of your fursonas, personas, and maybe even.. godsonas, if you have any! The bot also includes a verification system (maybe due to be removed due to Discord's newest update) along with tons of other miscellaneous commands, more to be added quite soon.
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Kettu's Layer is a small, safe for work furry server for furries and non furs alike :3 > Kettu's Layer has over 150 cool and rare custom emotes for your enjoyment > Want hugs or snugs? We have huggos and snuggles > Or just want to want to hang out with new fluffballs you have come to the right place 🦦 So do not by shy, come say hiiiii, we would love to meet you ^^