Programming | Technology | Support
The multi-purpose discord bot you didn't know you needed. Made to make moderation and server management easier.
Programming | Technology | Support
The multi-purpose discord bot you didn't know you needed. Made to make moderation and server management easier.
Programming | Technology | Support
The multi-purpose discord bot you didn't know you needed. Made to make moderation and server management easier.
Community | Bot
Easy to use bot with supervision commands and comprehensive server protection, and many other commands
Bot | Community
The discord bot that will let you customize, moderate and manage your discord server to your liking and provides you a lot of features and commands that you can use for either server or general purposes.
Bot | Meme
The simplest multi-purpose bot featuring powerful moderation commands, MANY fun commands including 10+ meme generation commands, amazing economy, epic giveaways, typeracer, scramble game, minesweeper, built in Wikipedia support, logging deleted messages and more!
Programming | Support
To set up the bot do =setup(this will create the role/channels needed and permissions) This server is for a Moderation/ticket Bot called LogicFlame This Bot is always being updated as well as new features added This bot can do, muting, tempting, unmuting, ban, unban, warnings These can not use the auto-moderation yet, but I am looking to get the bot to eventually do this. The bot also includes tickets and moderation roles. The bot would require the auto role to be dragged above the members and the channels and categories which the bot would create cannot be changed as the bot relies on this name to work.
Technology | Entertainment
A handy dandy bot capable of doing many complex things, that is simple to use.
Music | Meme
Cobra is an open-source multi-purpose Discord Bot. It features moderation, music, memes and custom prefix and much more!
Programming | Bot
Prefix: . Send .help to get Bot Commands This bot made by MagiQ Team ( Iranian Professional Developers ) MagiQ fits your discord server needs with many moderation commands you can get some information with information commands have a good day with Fun commands Aparat & Twitch stream Notifications This bot is online 24/7 to use in your server supports 3 languages ( Persian, English, Turkish ) 1- Online 24/7 2- Quick Response 3- High Security 4- Completely Safe 5- High Quality Music Player So invite me Now :D
Bot | Technology
A multi function bot for your multi work Moderation Music Welcoming Until Fun
Bot | Anime
A friendly (Mostly SFW) server. This server is a support server for Jonin, which has a growing community. We accept all and don't judge. Get updates for when Jonin is down or when new commands are released.
Programming | Business
Tired of weird and advanced moderation bots? No worries! Get Eqar bot. It is an easy to use and powerful moderation bot you can use anytime to protect your server? Why not give it a go?
Technology | Community
Support server for Gold bot
Bot | Community
VIP server podderzhki dlya podderzhki botov. Mnogofunktsional'nyy VIP-bot s upravleniyem serverom, instrumentami administrirovaniya, razlichnymi utilitami, razvlecheniyami i mnogimi drugimi komandami.
Bot | Entertainment
Ellie - The Multipurpose Discord Bot
Bot | Gaming
Professional and feature rich Discord bot, a favourite within the FFXIV community due to its beautiful character and Lodestone features but it is a great bot for any server and does the job of many popular existing bots. Music, moderation, custom commands, timers, profiles & levelling system, etc.
Community | Bot
**╔══════❖•ೋ° °ೋ•❖══════╗** Name - N.X BOT Prefix - `xyz` Bot master - NeeL#0001 To know what the bot can do ``xyz help`` or Ping the bot What are the bot features? ➤24/7 **ONLINE** ➤Many **useful** commands ➤It has minimum ``Moderation`` command but more **Fun commands**!!! ➤It can steal anyone server emojis! Useful if you are owner [Download Bluecord to steal if you are Android user] ➤NO **NSFW** COMMANDSᵘⁿᵗⁱˡ ⁿᵒʷ ➤Because my bot is still in beta it may have some command problem! If you find one Direct head to ``xyz support`` ➤If you are a bot devloper who uses **BD SCRIPT**.Help me by sharing some commands (DM NeeL#0001) ➤Still doubts left? Join the server and ask me for support «🅼︎🅰︎🅳︎🅴︎ 🆆︎🅸︎🆃︎🅷︎ 🅻︎🅾︎🆅︎🅴︎ 🅱︎🆈︎ 🅽︎🅴︎🅴︎🅻︎» Official server link ( ) **╚══════❖•ೋ° °ೋ•❖══════╝**
Community | Support
Support Team for a number of bots Created by NDM Network and Intel
Support | Programming
The official support server for the ScrumpBot Discord bot.
Bot | Entertainment
The official discord server for Excalibur. Excalibur is a WIP bot, which aims to do pretty much everything and then some. We've come up with wacky features (we haven't made em yet tho) that have never been thought of before in a bot. The Excalibur community is pretty laid-back.
Community | Entertainment
Hello! Dragoon is an all-rounder bot. It can do anything you want it to, from moderation commands like mute and ban to entertainment ones like playing music. No matter what you want, this bot has you covered
Bot | Music
Mewdeko is a fork and rework of NadekoBot, and is made to give the end user what they want!