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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Music | Social
XBT bot is a new music bot with features for the entertainment and fun Features: - full with 30+ commands - configure a DJ role for you server - easy use - bass and volume control - save songs in your dm - search lyrics - starts a YouTube session - and much more! Note: the bot is in beta phase, you can experiment with lag in the music from the bot, or crashes
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Bot | Business
Guard Bot is a very powerful discord bot that includes lots of features such as moderation, Role handling, and more. 100% Protection To Your Server. Guard Bot has lots of systems so that your server is never nuked or raided with it's strong anti raid system. Bot website:
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Music | Bot
Carbon is an audio entertainment system, using Carbons wide variety of commands you're able to stream music directly into your servers voice & stage channels! Carbon allows you to queue up entire playlists worth of music and stream them into voice channels and stage channels for everyone to hear.
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Bot | Support
Support server for Tony Bamanaboni
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Music | Bot
The Official Discord Server for Beat, the simplistic but customizable music bot, without the pay-walled features!
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Bot | Music
O servidor é para manter contato com quem tiver problemas com o bot de música Naolli.
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Levels and role levels, Twitch Twitter and Youtube alerts (coming soon), music, role reactions, logs, and more!!!
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Community | Music
Hi, I'm Nyx! I'm a multipurpose Discord bot constantly striving to bring the most useful tools to your Discord server! Ranging from simple, fun commands, to making your members feel welcomed, to full-fledged moderation, I'll always be by your side!
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Anime | Music
Префикс: ! Привет! Меня зовут Rikai Если тебе нравиться слушать музыку и аниме, то Я тебе нужен! Я способен найти любое аниме по вашему вкусу. Если вам надо найти определенное аниме, то он тоже хорошо с этим справится. Такеж, если Вы хотите посмотреть какой-то новое аниме на определенный жанр, то Я подберёт Вам аниме с хорошим рейтингом. А если вы сидите с друзьями, и Вам скучно. То Я способен поднять всем настроение включив музыку.
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Bot | Music
We ask that you do not modify the permissions we ask you, the bot cannot work without the administrator permission, customizing the permissions will also cause problems in the bot malfunction. If you have any problems join our server and we will help you create a ticket. music commands work properly. We will be adding new functions and commands if the bot disconnects or does not respond for this reason.
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Music | Entertainment
This bot is plays music 24/7 for free . This bot has amazing features . You can control the bot using emoji . List of all commands .clip Plays a clip sound .clips List all clips .help (h) Display all commands and descriptions .invite Send bot invite link .loop (l) Toggle music loop .lyrics (ly) Get lyrics for the currently playing song .move (mv) Move songs around in the queue .np Show now playing song .pause Pause the currently playing music .ping Show the bot’s average ping .play § Plays audio .playlist (pl) Play a playlist from youtube .pruning Toggle pruning of bot messages .queue (q) Show the music queue and now playing. .remove (rm) Remove song from the queue .resume ® Resume currently playing music .search Search and select videos to play .shuffle Shuffle queue .skip (s) Skip the currently playing song .skipto (st) Skip to the selected queue number .stop Stops the music
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Community | Music
Local music artists, songwriters and their most ardent fans are invited to join Socially Driven Music and be connected with each other and social good causes they are equally passionate about. We connect artists, songwriters, fans and causes and create communities to enable working together for reciprocal benefit. Music creators will discover new opportunities to expand their fan bases and impact social good.
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Music | Bot
Carbon is an audio entertainment system, using Carbons wide variety of commands you're able to stream music directly into your servers voice & stage channels! Carbon allows you to queue up entire playlists worth of music and stream them into voice channels and stage channels for everyone to hear.
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Music | Bot
Carbon is an audio entertainment system, using Carbons wide variety of commands you're able to stream music directly into your servers voice & stage channels! Carbon allows you to queue up entire playlists worth of music and stream them into voice channels and stage channels for everyone to hear.
Crypto | Music
SIKI is a Multi-Media, Multi-Blockchain NFT Creation Engine and marketplace wrapped in a social ecosystem that streams NFT music, live streams and post. Equipping users with all the tools to connect and engage with each other and their favorite artist.
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Gaming | Streaming
This boy is here for networking
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Entertainment | Social
Un bot muy avanzado y multifuncinal hecho por Raul_RDA. Tiene comandos de diversión, música, moderación, economía... etc.
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Music | Community
O Mr Maçã, é um bot de música para quem gosta de ouvir uma música sem precisar de assinar serviços.
BU$ҤBOT has: 1-Ticket System 2-Giveaway System 3-Music 4-Anti Links/Ands/Invites 5-Advanced Moderation commands 6-Utility 7-Config(to set up 4) 8-Fun commands 9-Information about the client and more It Features Api's for the best music experience, Including: -Youtube API -SoundCloud API (old Api's as SoundCloud has discontinued Api's) -Spotify
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Community | Business
`/help para ver los comandos.` "Only Spanish language was added" Bot de Música Discord | Music Bot for Discord | 24/7
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Music | Bot
O Unitinho é o mais novo bot de música</u>, além de o mais simpático, que você verá por aqui! Junte-se ao número crescente de servidores e usuários felizes em utilizar nossos serviços. 🎧 ( YouTube & Spotify ) Aproveite as suas músicas e playlists com a melhor qualidade, além das funcionalidades padrões do mercado. Comandos disponíveis: autoplay blacklist help nowplaying pause play playlist | create | add | remove | list | delete prefix queue remove repeat resume shuffle skip skipto stop time volume ⚙️ ( Suporte ) Qualquer dúvida, problema ou algum bug, por favor reportar em nossa Comunidade no Discord.
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Community | Music
This is a good server... We need more members... U can enjoy.....wedont want anyarguements....... Everyone should be friendly:)
Discord Me Icon
24/7 live stream music for sleep Relaxing piano music and water sounds 24/7 live stream music for sleep
Bot | Technology
A multi function bot for your multi work Moderation Music Welcoming Until Fun
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Anime | Bot
Amathy Bot's support server! Come and visit us!
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Bot | Community
VIP server podderzhki dlya podderzhki botov. Mnogofunktsional'nyy VIP-bot s upravleniyem serverom, instrumentami administrirovaniya, razlichnymi utilitami, razvlecheniyami i mnogimi drugimi komandami.
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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Anime | Bot
RazoringMinds is a server mostly on a bot but you can communicate with new, friendly people! We have: 👍 Nice staff 🤣 Hilarious memes 💵 Giveaways 🎧 Music commands --------------------------- If you like these, then I would gladly recommend joining!
Ser Aymeric Icon
Bot | Gaming
Professional and feature rich Discord bot, a favourite within the FFXIV community due to its beautiful character and Lodestone features but it is a great bot for any server and does the job of many popular existing bots. Music, moderation, custom commands, timers, profiles & levelling system, etc.
The Hidden Studios Icon
Community | Support
Welcome to The Hidden Studios, the support/community server for The Hidden Studios!
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Bot | Music
DO you want to listen to music then invite vibe music it has alot of music and the prefix all you have to do is ping the bot and do help for all the commands
Cyberpunk Bot Support Icon
Music | Bot
CYBERPUNK BOT! BOT PREFIX: - UTILITY COMMANDS: -help ⮕ It Shows The Help Panel of the bot -ping ⮕ It shows bot's latency MUSIC COMMANDS: -play -pause -resume -clear-queue -shuffle -np -loop -volume -skip -stop
OGSkies Icon
Entertainment | Music
Our Bot🤖OGSkies Is Still Not The Final Version❗ And We Will Continue Making It Better👍. Our Happiness Is Your Happiness😀.
Bot | Music
Our bot has next features: [Animoji] When the erver member without nitro sends animated emoji from this server, his message deletes and sends the new with rendered emoji To delete your new message, just add reaction with ❌ on it [Autorole] When a member or bot joins your server, it gets the role specified for the its type [Level System] [Role by reaction] [Music] [Gif] [Meme] [osu!] In the future we will implement: [Moderation] [Web Dashboard] And more
Salazle Icon
Music | Hobbies
Salazle is a music bot which is currently under development. If you're bored and want to listen to music, Salazle is the right option.
Nami Icon
Furry | Entertainment
Nami es un bot con el objetivo de ser utilizado en el ámbito de RolePlay con comandos de interacción como kiss, hug, cuddle, etc! Nami además integra opciones de moderación como ban, kick, warn, etc! además se está trabajando en integrar una auto-moderación para facilitar el trabajo de moderar servidores agregando opciones como limite de menciones en un solo mensaje, prohibición de @everyone, limite de mensajes por segundo, etc! Cabe destacar que se está integrando la opción de que Nami pueda contener funciones musicales (Sip! poner musica en canales de voz!) Además hay comandos varios como na!weather, na!whois, na!8ball entre otros; Todo para otorgarle la mayor cantidad de utilidades a los usuarios con un solo bot!
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musicians and other people having fun in dakidicy's hangout join and try and make some new friends
Yulan Icon
Bot | Music
Estamos sempre a atualizar o nosso bot com comandos para os usuários se divertirem! BOT tem: musica, comandos de divertimento. logs, tockets etc... We are always updating our bot with commands for users to have fun! BOT has: music, fun commands. logs, tockets etc ...
Lelouch Lamperouge Icon
Anime | Social
List of commands:Purge, nickname , userinfo , role , Dm , developer , LockDown, Unlock , kick , ban , unban , delay , roleremove , nuke , createrole , mute , unmute , poll , servereset , shout , getbans , serverinfo , embed , Tictactoe , Tod ,Tokyoghoul ,Scared , OP , Applause , Avatar , AOT , Anime
Leviathan Icon
Technology | Music
Are you looking for the perfect all in one custom bot that does everything for you? ~> Do you need a bot that’s simple and polished to elevate your server game? -> Then leviathan bot is the bot for you!
Satone Icon
Music | Anime
Basic music and moderation bot with slur censorship and moderation commands such as slowmode, mute, ban, and kick.
H-MuisicBot Icon
Bot | Music
Music, Economy, Leveling, Fun, Reaction Roles, Moderation, and lots more! Simple to use multi-purpose Discord bot
GlowerBot Icon
Bot | Music
Glower is a Brazilian music bot for your server, containing several commands and features for music. Online 24/7.
K-pop Music Quiz Icon
Music | Gaming
A K-pop guessing game over Discord. Test your reflexes by guessing the right song name before your friends!
BruhBot Icon
Meme | Music
BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal an emoji from a different server, or over 20 image manipulation commands!
Melody Icon
Music | Support
Melody is an advanced feature-rich music bot that comes with 24/7, bass control, multiple commands at once, guild and personal music history and other premium features for free, invite Melody now!
BrammyBot Icon
Entertainment | Music
Use the *help command to navigate through the different help pages about the following commands: serverinfo, lookup roles, soundbot, lookup avatar, games: hangman, tictactoe, akinator, clear messages, giveaways, spoiler a message, joke, slap someone, spank someone, how gay, luck, memes, calculate, invite, music commands, moderation commands: ban, kick, warn
Charlos Icon
Community | Bot
This is a fun and moderation bot made by DeadMan#00001, it has a tons of commands and the bot is very active.
Music | Social
Looking for a gaming server with friendly staff and cool people? Well, you came to the right place, my friend. Welcome to Pakistan pro gamers, a Pakistani server that has a lot of content to offer. Here you can make new friends and have a great time. We hope that you enjoy your stay!
Spectra Icon
Anime | Bot
Hello! Im a bot designed to keep discord cool and chilling! I am a Moderation, Fun and Utility Bot! Invite me by typing .invite! Prefix - . Join Support Server - Official Website - Developed by ANDREW#0001
NightyBot Icon
Music | Support
Hello! While Rythm is down I decided to make my own music bot! Prefix is "." (.help for help)
BoarMusicBot Icon
Music | Bot
BoarMusicBot est un bot Discord dédié à la musique Le bot est fonctionne avec Youtube, Soundcloud et Spotify mais peut également être utilisé pour écouter les webradios. Icon
Bot Rules one Please do not use your bot's code in your description, Instead add a Git Repo. two Keep your bot's description SFW. three Every bot should have more than 7 commands ( Excluding basic commands ). If your bot has less, please notify us. four Advertising in the Discord or in DM's is strictly prohibited, use instead. five Bots should not mass DM users or advertise in / spam chats. six All Bots should have a working help command or obvious point of entry. seven Bots should be online at time of review. If your bot is offline it may be declined. eight Your bot should not send any GIF's or Emoji's that could cause seizures or epileptic fits. Important Links one Our Website: two Adding Your Bot: three Adding Your Server: four Your Dashboard: five Server Link: six Website Docs:
Accord Icon
Bot | Community
# Accord - best multi purpose discord bot all your servers need! - uptime 100% - working 100% - ping 10 - 200 ms - the discord bot has various multi purpose commands and you can set a reminder to get reminded later! New to-do list system and more systems coming soon! - the prefix is ac! and the help command is ac!help and there is no slash commands as slash Commands will come in near future! ## commands ### Images ![images]( ### Utility - ![accord]( ### Moderation - ![mod]( ## How to get all Commands! - use ac!help to get the help menu and use the dropdown menu to see the command ls! - ![ac!help](
MusicBot Icon
Bot | Music
💥 MusicBox is ready to play 💥 New Server Discord Bot with music join join new stuff chat and games
radio-indonesia Icon
Streaming | Entertainment
Discord bot for streaming Indonesian Radio, created with library.
Music Control V2 Icon
Music | Bot
Music Control V2 is a Discord Bot remake of the Music Control Bot. With better quality music and uninterupted streaming possible. Music Control V2 or MusicCtrl for short is a low latency bot with links to Youtube / Spotify and Soundcloud to allow Discord Users to choose songs from wherever. At the end of Music Control, the token was lost so I had to make a new Bot with the same / better streaming service. Although it has not got the same servers or users as before, it's still got the same code to make listening a joy! I hope you stick around the journey for some new and crazy features.
ChillMusic Icon
Music | Bot
ChillMusic is a simple, yet beautiful bot that brings music you like to your Discord server, for free and always will be! What’s special about CHillMusic ? Aesthetic and unique user experience and interface. ChillMusic disconnects when there’s nothing in the queue Plays high quality audio. 99.99% uptime. A lag-free experience. Useful and unique commands. Constantly updated and improved. You don’t need to leave Discord to listen to your type of music! Invite ChillMusic now and hop in a voice channel with your friends
Best Music Bot Icon
Invite Best Music Bot to your server, to listen your favourite songs! Here all Commands: -help: To see all commands -play [song] or [link]: Play a song from youtube -stop: The bot will stop playing songs -pause: Pause the current song -resume: Resume the pauses song -skip: Skip the current song -np: Display the current song -ping: Display the ping of the bot and of the API -queue: Display all the song you add -loop all: Repeat added songs -loop off: Stop repeating songs -volume [number]: You can choose the volume from 1 to 100, Default: 30 Here are all the commands, I hope you like the bot. Have fun!
Highkey Icon
Bot | Music
🤯 The Best Music Bot of 2021! ⚙️Standard Prefix: ! (changeable) ✅ Invite me!: 👍 Coded by: Lowkey#3230 ❤️ Support us :
NgbatzMusicBot Icon
Bot | Music
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its a music bot
Sylvriss Icon
Gaming | Music
Hey there, this is Seth, Sylvriss's Developer. I'd like to introduce you to my multipurpose bot. Sylvriss's main feature right now is the music commands. We also have a command that works like Carl-bot's "purge", ours is called mop, you can delete up to 2000 messages without the 2 week limit. I also am hoping to add a currency system eventually. I hope you enjoy my bot and the support server is always open!
Meme | Music
Enjoy the functions of XGN BOT, a complete web dashboard, a ton of commands, memes, music, minigames and more.