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The most all-in-one bot made to engage and moderate your server! Levels, games, music, multi-language, and more with an intuitive dashboard!
Zexoire is a multi-purpose bot for you're discord server. It includes moderation, auto-moderation, configurations, economy, music, and so much more!!
Bot | Support
Support server for Tony Bamanaboni
Music | Bot
The Official Discord Server for Beat, the simplistic but customizable music bot, without the pay-walled features!
Bot | Music
O servidor é para manter contato com quem tiver problemas com o bot de música Naolli.
Bot | Social
PT-BR -> A Kinny originalmente foi criada com a intenção de ajudar os servidores do Discord com comandos básicos de moderação e administração. EN-US -> Kinny was originally created with the intention of helping Discord servers with basic moderation and administration commands.
Gaming | Music
to listening music, playing some games and for have fun with friend, make community more bigger and bigger
Entertainment | YouTuber
Mer$ Botu Davet Etmek İçin m!davet Yazabilirsiniz m!help Yazarak Yardım Alabilirsin m!moderasyon Yazarak Moderasyon Komutlarına Erişebilirsin m!eğlence Yazarak Eğlence Komutlarına Erişebilirsin m!kullanıcı Yazarak Herkesin Kullanabileceği Komutlara Erişebilirsin m!logo Yazarak Logo Komutlarına Erişebilirsin Mer$ Bot İle Sunucunuz Güvende Kullanıclar Eğlenceli!
Music | Bot
BTMC Is An Advanced Music Bot Better Than Any Other Premium Bot!!! That Is Super Cool
Bot | Technology
A multi function bot for your multi work Moderation Music Welcoming Until Fun
Anime | Bot
Amathy Bot's support server! Come and visit us!
Bot | Community
VIP server podderzhki dlya podderzhki botov. Mnogofunktsional'nyy VIP-bot s upravleniyem serverom, instrumentami administrirovaniya, razlichnymi utilitami, razvlecheniyami i mnogimi drugimi komandami.
Anime | Bot
RazoringMinds is a server mostly on a bot but you can communicate with new, friendly people! We have: 👍 Nice staff 🤣 Hilarious memes 💵 Giveaways 🎧 Music commands --------------------------- If you like these, then I would gladly recommend joining!
Bot | Gaming
Professional and feature rich Discord bot, a favourite within the FFXIV community due to its beautiful character and Lodestone features but it is a great bot for any server and does the job of many popular existing bots. Music, moderation, custom commands, timers, profiles & levelling system, etc.
Community | Entertainment
Hello! Dragoon is an all-rounder bot. It can do anything you want it to, from moderation commands like mute and ban to entertainment ones like playing music. No matter what you want, this bot has you covered
Community | Support
Welcome to The Hidden Studios, the support/community server for The Hidden Studios!
Bot | Music
DO you want to listen to music then invite vibe music it has alot of music and the prefix all you have to do is ping the bot and do help for all the commands
Community | Music
Multipurpose bot with customisable prefix, interactive help, rudimentary music support, moderation and utility functions, tags and reminders, and some fun games and other cool stuff. Moderation kick, ban, mute, unmute, tempmute, block, unblock, tempblock and a lot of automoderation features like raid mode, and mentionspam filtering Fun - Music (this isn't very robust, supports YouTube and SoundCloud properly) - External API stuff (PyPI, Anime, Jisho, Astronomy, Lichess, currency conversion, Wolfram alpha, Urban dictionary, etc) - Games - blackjack, chess, maze, hangman, - Tools - Calculation, TODO, reminders, run code - Time zone store - Translation and OCR Markov generator and snipe - These features require logging of messages and therefore must be explicitly opted in. - Snipe may be enabled server wide by a moderator, and they are required to inform server members of the same.
Music | Bot
CYBERPUNK BOT! BOT PREFIX: - UTILITY COMMANDS: -help ⮕ It Shows The Help Panel of the bot -ping ⮕ It shows bot's latency MUSIC COMMANDS: -play -pause -resume -clear-queue -shuffle -np -loop -volume -skip -stop
Music | Bot
$afk [afk] ~ 24/7 $fplay <song_name> ~ To play songs $help [command] ~ To show all commands $invite ~ To add/invite the bot to your server $loop ~ Toggle music loop $lyrics [lyrics] ~ Get lyrics for the currently playing song
Entertainment | Music
Our Bot🤖OGSkies Is Still Not The Final Version❗ And We Will Continue Making It Better👍. Our Happiness Is Your Happiness😀.
Bot | Music
Our bot has next features: [Animoji] When the erver member without nitro sends animated emoji from this server, his message deletes and sends the new with rendered emoji To delete your new message, just add reaction with ❌ on it [Autorole] When a member or bot joins your server, it gets the role specified for the its type [Level System] [Role by reaction] [Music] [Gif] [Meme] [osu!] In the future we will implement: [Moderation] [Web Dashboard] And more
Furry | Bot
Slushie is a furry bot that you can play music, boop another friend's snoot, or use as a sona hub for all of your fursonas, personas, and maybe even.. godsonas, if you have any! The bot also includes a verification system (maybe due to be removed due to Discord's newest update) along with tons of other miscellaneous commands, more to be added quite soon.
Music | Hobbies
Salazle is a music bot which is currently under development. If you're bored and want to listen to music, Salazle is the right option.
Furry | Entertainment
Nami es un bot con el objetivo de ser utilizado en el ámbito de RolePlay con comandos de interacción como kiss, hug, cuddle, etc! Nami además integra opciones de moderación como ban, kick, warn, etc! además se está trabajando en integrar una auto-moderación para facilitar el trabajo de moderar servidores agregando opciones como limite de menciones en un solo mensaje, prohibición de @everyone, limite de mensajes por segundo, etc! Cabe destacar que se está integrando la opción de que Nami pueda contener funciones musicales (Sip! poner musica en canales de voz!) Además hay comandos varios como na!weather, na!whois, na!8ball entre otros; Todo para otorgarle la mayor cantidad de utilidades a los usuarios con un solo bot!
Entertainment | Music
Freshbeatradio is an online licence Internet radio station that plays a huge variety of the freshest & best hits from across the many genres of music which are presented by our Radio DJ's in the UK & Worldwide.
musicians and other people having fun in dakidicy's hangout join and try and make some new friends
Music | Entertainment
Hey, it's me Wovy, I'm a multi-purpose discord bot. I have some fun, music, moderating commands and stuff :p
Entertainment | Bot
EpicProBot is a multi-purpose bot that has economy, music, ticketing, moderation, fun commands, and more! With many commands and updates to explore!
Bot | Music
Estamos sempre a atualizar o nosso bot com comandos para os usuários se divertirem! BOT tem: musica, comandos de divertimento. logs, tockets etc... We are always updating our bot with commands for users to have fun! BOT has: music, fun commands. logs, tockets etc ...
Entertainment | Social
A bot that invites other people to other servers, like mine where you can chill, listen to music, and post some memes.
Social | Bot
SerenityMail | A multipurpose ModMail bot. Hey you! Yes you reading this! Are you interested in a multi purpose Discord bot that has many features? Well look no furthur, SerenityMail is just the bot for you! "Well, what features does it have?" I hear you ask, well here are just a few: Utility commands, Logging commands, Music commands, Action commands, Image generation commands, Giveaway commands, Game commands, Fun commands, And so much more! If that interests you, then feel free to add the bot to your server using the "Invite" button! Thank you for taking your time to read this. - SerenityMail Developers.
Entertainment | Support
This bot is a Fun bot for entertainment and just for fun and for announcements! Prefix = . Commands: ;Help ;Gamble ;Information ;Slap ;ChannelInfo ;UserInfo ;SendImage ;SendEmoji ;GenNumber ;Gold ;Flipcoin This bot includes alot of features, Not enough? Suggest more in our support server!
🇧🇷 Uma bot brasileira com comandos de Moderação👮, Utilidades⚙️, Diversão😍, Economia💸 e Música🎵, (prefixo customizável, online 24h/7)
Du brauchst einen Bot der Deutsch kann dann ist Yet Another Bot der richtige
Muzik allows you to play music from a wide range of platform including YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more!
Anime | Social
List of commands:Purge, nickname , userinfo , role , Dm , developer , LockDown, Unlock , kick , ban , unban , delay , roleremove , nuke , createrole , mute , unmute , poll , servereset , shout , getbans , serverinfo , embed , Tictactoe , Tod ,Tokyoghoul ,Scared , OP , Applause , Avatar , AOT , Anime
Support | Entertainment
Bot Features: Moderation, Support, Utility, Currency, Memes, Fun, Role Management and other possible features.
Bot | Music
Glower is a Brazilian music bot for your server, containing several commands and features for music. Online 24/7.