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hello,i see u have seen this ad,anyways welcome to austin friends! there are some rules i have to say before u enter this server 1)u must greet new people 2)mods ofcourse are needed 3)its alright to swear 4)NO NSFW 5)this is not a toxic server 6)this is a gaming server
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⋆ ˚。⋆୨୧˚Anti Jason˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆ Anti Jason is a group about this kid who keeps attacking me with fake rumours and lies to everyone, I have a lot of info on this kid on my discord server, I have exposed him a lot, please join if you wanna know more! Invite friends too
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Roblox bot to view player information such as: last online date, followers, friends, following, roblox badges, group count, description, status and more. You can view roblox game information such as: last update time, when it was created, favourites, currently playing, visits, icon and more!
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Bloxy Tools Information If a "/" is placed within the command on this page that means it's an alias The bot doesn't need any permissions really as of now, the only permission it might need is for the !say command and !clear command which requires `manage_messages` permission The bot has 1 universal prefix and one changeable prefix, the universal prefix is "bt!" and the changeable is "!", you can also ping the bot instead of using prefixes like @Bloxy Tools Help. This will give you help. Roblox Commands: !user / !u (username) If you want to use the id of a user then put !user 'ID' With the quotes: Example !u 'ID' !place (name or id) - Currently not finished !randomuser / !ru - Gives you info about a random user. !howold / !age (username or id) - You can see this with the !user command too !tools - This is just a collection of all the commands, answer with one of the arguments! !game - This command can search for games! + MORE COMMANDS! (do !help to see all commands)