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Anime | Social
Collect over 18,000 gacha focused on anime and games as you trade, compete, and show off your favorites in our global economy!
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Upa Discord Server Banner
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Anime | Social
Collect over 18,000 gacha focused on anime and games as you trade, compete, and show off your favorites in our global economy!
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Financial | Community
We are private community which gather all great traders at one place ! If you want to make money from trading, this is your place. In our server will find Forex and Indices signals providers. Good community and support team is friendly. Join and get in the world of money !
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Gaming | Community
? Rocket League - ? Ranks, Shops, News & More | ? Giveaways | ? Trading | ? 24/7 Middlemen | ? Events
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Gaming | Business
Helping my server to get big and supporting it, this bot Will hel u to fix things if u need something Ask owner or me!
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Technology | Business
web3.Holdings - Creative Agency & Incubator! web3 Advisors / web3 Events / web3 Launchpad / web3 Trading
Bot | Business
Direct Resell is a Discord bot designed to streamline buying and selling processes. It connects buyers and sellers across various servers, making transactions faster and easier, allowing you to remove your server limits and get new targets. With features like automated WTB/WTS notifications in DM (to be alerted when a buyer or seller is detected for your WTS and WTB) and a user-friendly interface. For Sneakers, Watches, Collectibles, Funko, Hype Clothing, Accessories, Cryptos, Bots, and more. Save time and money!
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Entertainment | Community
Colonywis spin-off of iconic Ballsdex but with Colonys collect Ancient and morden colonies and colonial Empires trade them battle with them and complete your collection join our official server for more fun like Boss
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Bot | Crypto
CoinTrendzBot is the leading cryptocurrency price bot on Discord, designed to provide you with the most accurate and timely information in the fast-paced world of crypto trading. Perfect for traders, investors, and enthusiasts alike, CoinTrendzBot offers a suite of powerful features like Coingecko Price Tracker, Tradingview Charts, Technical Analysis, Crypto Market Sentiment, Crypto News and More! Supercharge your Discord Channel today and add our Crypto Price Bot to use it together! CoinTrendzBot is 100% Free and offers more than 50 Commands. Thousands of Cryptocurrencies and Stocks are supported.
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Financial | Investing
OptionsFamBot is a free stock bot featuring stocks, options, and crypto commands/charting.
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Investing | Crypto
A free and open-source bot for stocks, options, crypto, and more! 100% Python and MIT Open Source Licensed. Give the repository a star on GitHub: https://github.com/gamestonkterminal/gamestonkterminal
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Entertainment | Gaming
BOT Noggy is a fun focused bot with intricate mechanics such as property ownership, thousands of unique items, a competitive economy, funny replies, and more. BOT Noggy will add many fun and engaging moments to your server and users.
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Crypto | Trading
4trades.io is an engagement tool for all communities. You can create own Trading League with real data on your server. Thanks to that your users will have an option to have some competition between them. Boosting engagement on your server, making some fun competition for users and gaining more new one coming to your server thanks to league - sounds great. But also all of them (your users) will take part in Official Trading League with real prizes. Beside that also all connected server will take part in Communities Trading League - so best server will receive prizes. Which one will be the best in the whole world? 4trades is an future software that will bring all fans into the battle for the best trader title without spending real money. No matter if you're pro or just newcomer - there is space for everyone. But it's also a training tools for traders that lack of real money or are scared to use it.
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Investing | Crypto
A platform for stocks/options & crypto traders | Trade tracking & sharing, copy-trading, real market data, analyst tools, and so much more.