ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
Radio X Icon
Music | Support
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
Event Bot | Fun Bar Icon
Bot | Community
Unique Event bot with premade events for seasons and some holidays. Bot language EN & DE ➽ You only need to invite the bot and then you can immediately participate in the current event, without much effort. ➽ You set your own prices for the event rewards. ➽ Everyone can execute the event command every 2 hours to collect the event item/ participate. ➽ The event duration varies, and takes place about 3-4 weeks. ➽ For each event there are funny, animated and cute pictures. ➽ If you have any problems, suggestions or event ideas, feel free to join our support server. Commands: /go (collect event items every 2 hours) /einventar (check your collection of event items) /binfo (receive information about the event bot) /eventlist (receive information about the upcoming events) /elb (shows you the leaderboard of your server) (Owner command only) /setlanguage (sets the bot language for your server) (Owner command only)
Quiz World Icon
Gaming | Bot
Verschiedene Quizze und Games, wie z.B. Emoji-,Flaggen-,Auto-,Pokémon-,Tiere Quiz,Sprichwörter und bis jetzt als Game den Counter. Weitere Quizze werden folgen wie z.B. Anime, Harry Potter u.s.w. Sprache: DE/EN
Carder Icon
Bot | Entertainment
Carder is a discord bot focused on Canvas Images like /simpcard <user> or /jail <user>! It has CURRENTLY 30 Commands (There will be more) and has no Ads or functions you have to Buy!
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XBT Icon
Music | Social
XBT bot is a new music bot with features for the entertainment and fun Features: - full with 30+ commands - configure a DJ role for you server - easy use - bass and volume control - save songs in your dm - search lyrics - starts a YouTube session - and much more! Note: the bot is in beta phase, you can experiment with lag in the music from the bot, or crashes
Visionary Bot Icon
Support | Technology
Visionary Bot - A powerful bot on Discord. Multipurpose bot with moderation,entertainment,economy,fun and more!
Sniper Icon
Bot | Design
This is multipurpose discord bot, you can simply type Shelp Too se commands, snipe is moderation, giveaway,fun discord bot Thanks users
Custom Role Icon
Bot | Role-Playing
A simple bot that allows you to get your own role. Made by LextYi#7993. uwu
MagiQ Icon
Programming | Bot
Prefix: . Send .help to get Bot Commands This bot made by MagiQ Team ( Iranian Professional Developers ) MagiQ fits your discord server needs with many moderation commands you can get some information with information commands have a good day with Fun commands Aparat & Twitch stream Notifications This bot is online 24/7 to use in your server supports 3 languages ( Persian, English, Turkish ) 1- Online 24/7 2- Quick Response 3- High Security 4- Completely Safe 5- High Quality Music Player So invite me Now :D
Goliath Icon
Goliath is an all-use bot which has many administration, moderation, and fun commands. It also comes with a built-in filter and settings that can be toggled to your liking.
Dragon Bot Icon
Bot | Meme
A Powerful Moderation Bot Built To Manage Discord Server's With Fun Activities.
Bot Thieu Nang Icon
Entertainment | Music
A FREE Vietnamese Bot with lots of free to use functions you've never seen :0 !
ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
ScrumpBot Support Large Banner
ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
Dream-PL Icon
Bot | Hobbies
Dream-PL , Make your Funny moment | Prefix : [ D. ] | | D.userinfo | | D.invite | | D.discord |
Alchemy Icon
Bot | Music
We ask that you do not modify the permissions we ask you, the bot cannot work without the administrator permission, customizing the permissions will also cause problems in the bot malfunction. If you have any problems join our server and we will help you create a ticket. music commands work properly. We will be adding new functions and commands if the bot disconnects or does not respond for this reason.
Truth OR Dare Icon
Bot | Hobbies
The Truth OR Dare discord bot. You can use bot with ( /truth ) or ( /dare ). Slash Commands. [ /help ]. Support Server :
SwizBot Icon
Bot | Anime
-The bot has many advantages like moderation, fun commands ,public commands, delete some bad words,Swiz have some games like rps, and the bot is very safe,you can use it for more than one thing,and if you cannot use anything, you can go to the support and ask them there is a support 24 hours.Swiz has also a good dashboard so what are you waiting for,add swizbot and have fun. -Dashboard:https//
Plutoro Icon
Entertainment | Bot
Upgrade your Discord server! - Advanced Moderation - Powerful Case Logging - Custom Commands - Competitive Economy - Multiple Languages
ItzHirun's bot Icon
Gaming | Bot
hi. this is my new bot. my bot is very good. you can try it. this bot can do lot of things. like bad word protection and fun and lot more
Roleplayer Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Roleplayer bot, is a perfect bot for such servers as Community, roleplay. As it lets you be you, and has features such as pets. Select you sexuality, Gender, Age, Name. -------------------------------------------------------- If you want to suggest features for it you can do so here:
Akinator Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
Akinator will guess who or what you are thinking of! Easy to use & Available in multiple languages!
2c#4226 Icon
All in one discord bot made by PaymentCancelled#1000 Made using node.js The bot is a non-nsfw bot
Eclipse-inv Icon
Social | Community
✧˚ · . ☽ WELCOME TO ECLIPSE ☾ . · ˚✧ • We are a brand new 18+ community Things we offer •Fun vibes ,(Eboys/Egirl friendly) •Vc's ☏ •Make friends! •Fun events! •Game nights! •Emotes!! ♡ ☽ We're a growing community come be part of the journey ☾ ♡
Gamble Bot Icon
Entertainment | Financial
The best virtual economy/casino bot. Loads of games, tons to spend on the stock market, currency miners and shop items!
Bot | Technology
A multi function bot for your multi work Moderation Music Welcoming Until Fun
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Maki Large Banner
Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Seri Support Server Icon
Bot | Community
Seri is a multipurpose bot aimed at users of all ages! Seri has over 100 commands and even features a full economy and marriage system! This is the support server for Seri and is here for you to not only be around others that really enjoy Seri but to help you with any questions or problems you may have with the bot!
Jonin Support Icon
Bot | Anime
A friendly (Mostly SFW) server. This server is a support server for Jonin, which has a growing community. We accept all and don't judge. Get updates for when Jonin is down or when new commands are released.
Eqar Icon
Programming | Business
Tired of weird and advanced moderation bots? No worries! Get Eqar bot. It is an easy to use and powerful moderation bot you can use anytime to protect your server? Why not give it a go?
Gold Bot support server Icon
Technology | Community
Support server for Gold bot
Utopia Icon
Bot | Community
Utopia! The main focus of this server is the bot going by the same name. Your main goal is to build your Empire and conquer others! I develop it and we are a small community, I'm listening to your feedback and implementing all your suggestions (or at least most of them). If this sounds interesting for you, feel free to join ;)
Catzilla Community Icon
Social | Programming
Do you want free discord nitro? We have the server for you! Join today!
Sx Bot Support Icon
Anime | Bot
Come have loads of fun with games, bot commands, music, memes, emojis, streams, etc! We do daily giveaways for points, come give suggestions suggestions for upcoming bot features!
Games+ Official Server Icon
Gaming | Bot
Hello guys join this fun server and maybe teach me how to code lol but anyways this server is bot related but please join and you can add my bot with the invite link below and enjoy the server and be patient with the owner Hi my prefix is # I am a bot in development will be done soon
Impersonator Support Icon
Bot | Community
Impersonator has the coolest welcome messages on Discord. Come see and try it out in your own server!
Grandeur Bot Help Icon
Entertainment | Bot
Official Grandeur Bot Support Server. Join for info on the bot.
❥「Mitsυhα Sυρρσɾƚ」 Icon
Bot | Anime
Come one, come all to Mitshua official support server! Here you can stay up to date with the bots updates and exclusive bot testing when donating! 🟢 Status Always know when Mitsuha is going through updates or maintence! 🥳 Giveaways We hold giveaways for steam vouchers, nitro classic and premium and Mitsuha currency! 💬 Suggestions We always want to know what people want added to Mitsuha, we take suggestions very seriously so feel free to join and tell us your idea! 🤖 Fun Bots We also have other fun bots to have fun with such as: Taco Shack, Mimu, OwO, Aiyu and many more! 🤝 Connected Servers We are part of a connected community with ❥「𝑨𝒏𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝑼𝒏𝒊𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒔𝒆」so we do global events with them so make sure to join their server too!
Waev Icon
Support | Technology
Waev, the only multipurpose bot containing commands for every category! From google search to music and from reddit memes to leveling. Constant updates provide a new and updated Waev. Come check out the awesome community! We are sure you will be welcome.
Solyx Icon
Bot | Anime
Fun & Addicting Discord RPG focused on activity! 🔥 Fighting 🔥 Guilds 🔥 PvP 🔥 Leaderboards 🔥 Classes & Races 🔥 Raids 🔥 More...
Eaz Fast Food Icon
Bot | Role-Playing
Discord fast food bot
zink support server Icon
Bot | Support
a support server for the bot i made.
Yoaris Icon
Bot | Gaming
Welcome to Yoaris Server ! A community server mostly made for support, bot testing, bug hunting our bot known as Yoaris, a known verified bot that has already reached more than 200 servers in under a few weeks and also, to talk and to have fun :') We would also be delighted to hear your suggestions. We are waiting you!
Excalibur Icon
Bot | Entertainment
The official discord server for Excalibur. Excalibur is a WIP bot, which aims to do pretty much everything and then some. We've come up with wacky features (we haven't made em yet tho) that have never been thought of before in a bot. The Excalibur community is pretty laid-back.
Mediapedia - Support Icon
Bot | Programming | Technology
Official support server for the mediapedia discord bot, a bot that searches the web while staying in the comfort of discord.
Smugy Fugy Support Server Icon
Community | Bot
A support server
L00t - try /help its free Icon
Growth | Social
L00t is a discord game to help servers get more members and build a stronger community. Would you like to try it?
JDBot Icon
Support | Bot
A bot that has many features, you can see which ones in the help command. It's a bot designed to do many things. It's essentially an all in one bot.
GRJ9 Icon
Bot | Meme
GRJ9 is an all-around-bot, which means that it can do everything! The bot's prefix is '!'. If you need help, run the command '!help' for help!
Processor Icon
Technology | Entertainment
A handy dandy bot capable of doing many complex things, that is simple to use.
The Hidden Studios Icon
Community | Support
Welcome to The Hidden Studios, the support/community server for The Hidden Studios!
Phoenix Bot Icon
Prefix is / do /help for a list of commands more and more commands will be added in the future but as of right now, there is only a few such as moderation commands like kick, ban, clear, add role, remove role (add and remove role command is a bit glitchy at the moment) and basic commands.
TunnelBot#7617 Icon
Entertainment | Social
*Connect with new people with **TunnelBot!*** TunnelBot allows you to chat anonymously with users from a large network of servers all across Discord. Meet new people and make new friends! --- **How It Works** --- Chat tunnels are connections made with other users through TunnelBot in DM. Tunnels are easy to use and no setup is require from server admins. - Private chat tunnels - Personalized Settings - 24/7 Support - And more to come!
watermelon bot Icon
Bot | Gaming
this bot is for fun and to help you with your server more bot commands will come soon !!help for commands enjoy!!!
OGSkies Icon
Entertainment | Music
Our Bot🤖OGSkies Is Still Not The Final Version❗ And We Will Continue Making It Better👍. Our Happiness Is Your Happiness😀.
SharkBot Icon
Bot | Entertainment
Hello! Im SharkBot. Tags (Ignore): bot discord discord bot bot discord
AI Response - VC Announcement Icon
Bot | Entertainment
A solo command bot, which transmits your text to voice message for making announcements or having fun with friends. Try "say hey dude, your socks smells bad", HAVE FUN!
.Nugget's Bot~ ♡ Icon
Social | Role-Playing
.Nugget’s Bot~ ♡ ~♡~ Prefix: n. ~♡~ Nugget Bot has alot of “Social/Roleplay” Commands to interact with other users in a server if you do n.actions you can see all those but a few are n.boop, n.hug, n.cuddle and many more and always added new gifs to go along with the commands ~♡~ Nugget Bot also has Rating Commands like n.simprate, n.stankrate, n.sexyrate and many more to come you can do n.rating to see all the rating commands ~♡~ Nugget Bot also has NSFW commands that are locked to NSFW Marked channels to access them in your server do n.nsfw ~♡~ and sub reddit search comamnds to see them do n.reddit some commands are, and many more ~♡~ to see all nugget bots commands do ~♡~
Life Bot Icon
Entertainment | Role-Playing
A fun bot with lots of features. Features like levelling, gambling, economy, jobs, crafting and etc. *help - if you need help *bal - returns your coin ballance *job (job) - join a join for example (subway) *transfer (plr) (amount) - tranfers the selected player the chosen amount of coins *gamble (gambe) (amount) - gambles the amount of coins on that game for example (dice) *buy (item) - buys the selected item for example *wear (item) - wears the selected item *unwear (area) - unwears the item in the selected area for example (hat, legs, body) *make (item) - makes the selected item for example *hit (choice) - hits the selected choice for example (tree, rock) *inv - returns the items in your inventory *work - do your job *recipes - returns the crafing recipes *fish - fishes if you have a fishing rod *mine oil - mines oil if you have an oil miner *shop - returns the items you can buy
Matcha Icon
Entertainment | Community
Matcha is a discord bot with moderation, fun, and pretty much everything. Invite Matcha to your server Today!
Blade Bot Icon
Bot | Community
A cool bot for moderation and fun commands on your server..................
Nami Icon
Furry | Entertainment
Nami es un bot con el objetivo de ser utilizado en el ámbito de RolePlay con comandos de interacción como kiss, hug, cuddle, etc! Nami además integra opciones de moderación como ban, kick, warn, etc! además se está trabajando en integrar una auto-moderación para facilitar el trabajo de moderar servidores agregando opciones como limite de menciones en un solo mensaje, prohibición de @everyone, limite de mensajes por segundo, etc! Cabe destacar que se está integrando la opción de que Nami pueda contener funciones musicales (Sip! poner musica en canales de voz!) Además hay comandos varios como na!weather, na!whois, na!8ball entre otros; Todo para otorgarle la mayor cantidad de utilidades a los usuarios con un solo bot!
DaKidIcy's Hangout Icon
musicians and other people having fun in dakidicy's hangout join and try and make some new friends