Bot | Art
24/7 Support Server for Discord Bot, Annie.
Community | Social
Come join our server, with plenty of fun and interactive channels! We highly welcome artists, producers, photographers, people with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing taste in music, graphics, and fashion. We have channels where you can promote your art, music, social media, or link your stream. If you are an anime fan, then you are encouraged to join. Giveaways and events, every 100 members we are doing a Discord Classic or Discord Nitro drop! There's message role rewards for being active and they give you a higher hoist position when you level up, auto role for when you join, reaction roles that define who you, invite reward roles depending on the amount of people that you invite into the server, presence roles, and much more! The server is highly impenetrable with layers of protection from outside intruders. Ace Asin server is a public social community available to everyone and it is home to our Discord Bot as well, all rights reserved.
Community | Art
Hey, salut toi !! Connais-tu le serveur World Of Graphs? 🧐 Ce serveur est communautaire et aussi axé sur le graphisme. On est bien sûr basé sur la bonne entente et l'amusement. 😁 Discute avec les membres !! : 🍻 Ambiance amicale et chaleureuse avec les membres !! 🎨 Montre tes créations !! Que ce soit un dessin ou autres ! Évènements et autres ! : 🎉 Des évènements et giveaways réguliers sur le serveur 🔒 Un staff assez actif set sympathique ❤️ 🥳 Des emoji de toutes sortes comme les emoji Manga ! 😝 Un bot unique pour le serveur et ouvert à tous :)
Community | Anime
all the cool kids hang out and the chillest server you'll ever know. welcome all social rejects of society <333 pls join this server its beautiful icons, gifs, and fonts channels. we may be small but with your support we can become a strong community!