Crypto | Technology
The bot was created using discord.js and Heroku! As I said, I was inspired by bots: BitcoinPriceBot, EthereumPriceBot I made my bot because I don't think anyone else has created a Litecoin bot yet. Unfortunately, my bot has no commands for that sorry. I decided to put it on for more people to notice and maybe add it to my server. my friend helped me program it unfortunately it doesn't have a discord.
Gaming | Streaming Discord-Bot. Verwaltung für Control und Stats von Membern, der Anpassung und der Publizierung von
Gaming | Streaming
Twitch streamer, youtuber and cosplayer. I play lots of wow pvp some come join our battlegrounds or just hangout.
Gaming | Technology
HotUtils hosts Hotbot, a discord bot for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, courtesy of developer Hotsauce.
Gaming | Bot
The home for the Free Game Is A Free Game bot. Get notified of free games for all kinds of platforms at your own leisure!
Bot | Gaming
hello,i see u have seen this ad,anyways welcome to austin friends! there are some rules i have to say before u enter this server 1)u must greet new people 2)mods ofcourse are needed 3)its alright to swear 4)NO NSFW 5)this is not a toxic server 6)this is a gaming server
Community | Technology
Matax is a community server based around Surge, gaming, and bot development. Come join Matax for a chill environment!
Gaming | Music
to listening music, playing some games and for have fun with friend, make community more bigger and bigger
Gaming | Meme
We are here just to have fun. Come and join.
Bot | Gaming
ELO - A pug (pick up game) bot for discord.
Anime | Bot
Amathy Bot's support server! Come and visit us!
Bot | Meme
Chat Roulette is a discord bot that randomly (but anonymously) connects you with a stranger!
Bot | Community
Go Community Support Server
eSports | Gaming
The one and only Discord Bot that offers free and exclusive Gamer Cards powered by Kronte Analytics.
Community | Social
Come join our server, with plenty of fun and interactive channels! We highly welcome artists, producers, photographers, people with beautiful and aesthetically pleasing taste in music, graphics, and fashion. We have channels where you can promote your art, music, social media, or link your stream. If you are an anime fan, then you are encouraged to join. Giveaways and events, every 100 members we are doing a Discord Classic or Discord Nitro drop! There's message role rewards for being active and they give you a higher hoist position when you level up, auto role for when you join, reaction roles that define who you, invite reward roles depending on the amount of people that you invite into the server, presence roles, and much more! The server is highly impenetrable with layers of protection from outside intruders. Ace Asin server is a public social community available to everyone and it is home to our Discord Bot as well, all rights reserved.
Social | Gaming
Server for Gaming, Music and having fun. Home of Kudos. DE/EN
Gaming | Support
The indie game developer, creator of Mr Boom's Firework Factory, TriviaBot and Sporks!
Gaming | Meme
its a discord server about how cursed the history channel is at midnight and because of that its just about memes and cursed stuff and there is a custom bot I made so you can find bugs and break my bot its also about having fun and joking about so have fun or else.
Gaming | Bot
El unico y mejor juego de boxeo en Discord.
Community | Gaming
Unleashed Souls In Unleashed Souls we Just chill out you know like we are just a friendly community thats trying to grow so we would apricate you joining and having some fun. We do Gaming, Memes, Chatting, Programming, and more so join up and have a fun time :)
Gaming | Bot
Hello guys join this fun server and maybe teach me how to code lol but anyways this server is bot related but please join and you can add my bot with the invite link below and enjoy the server and be patient with the owner Hi my prefix is # I am a bot in development will be done soon
Anime | Bot
Hytale Bot is the most extensive, powerful, and popular Hytale themed Discord bot out there! From the people who brought you
Anime | Community
Yõkõsuka est un serveur communautaire basé sur l'univers et la culture japonaises, il est plus particulièrement centré sur les mangas et les animés . Le serveur est fais de manière épuré pour que tous le monde s'y retrouve. Nous sommes des personnes banales mais notre objectif est de regrouper un maximum de personnes afin que tous le monde puissent jouer et que personnes ne puissent s'ennuyer que le monde des mangas et animés soit partagé avec d'autre monde comme les jeux vidéo.
Community | Meme
Alpha's Society is a welcoming and toxic-free server, open to people of all types. Come join for a plethora of cool emotes!
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to the Karma Kingdom! We hope you enjoy your time here and meet some wholesome people!
Growth | Social
L00t is a discord game to help servers get more members and build a stronger community. Would you like to try it?
Gaming | Bot
This bot is made to get the current stats of games like Battlefield 2, 3, 4, hardline, 1 and 5 as reaction in the chat. For bf3, bf4, bfh and bf5 you can add psn or xbl in front of the command to get stats for console players, by default(without psn or xbl in front) is for pc players. This bot was made by Band of Brothers gaming community members - - If you want to support me: For request for changes and issues, use the Community Network discord: Need access to the api:
Business | Crypto
This server is meant to help with medical research and much more Adults 🔞+ anyone underage will be banned from our server permanently mature audience only Explicit content.
Gaming | eSports
This is the community of YT UpRising - we are a fortnite community who are looking to grow. we upload Daily Fortnite tip videos on youtube and when we get our creator code we will be hosting scrim lobbies and custom creative lobbies for community members.
Bot | Gaming
this bot is for fun and to help you with your server more bot commands will come soon !!help for commands enjoy!!!
Gaming | Anime
Egal ob du Teammates finden willst, mit denen du spielst, chillen möchtest, oder mit tonnen von Bots spielen möchtest.Alles mit vielen coolen Rollen und über 40 Channels.Wir würden uns freuen, wenn du uns joinen würdest!
Gaming | Community
i help you get friends and tell you what to do if your bored so i can give you free games just dm @rahiabdullah69YT#9357
Anime | Social
The original Nezuko Bot, perfect and adorable with more than 80 Actions, Moderation, Minigames, Memes, Leveling and much more.Kimetsu Gifs!
Community | Social
Society Space bot focus on advertising to other server/people on discord. The purpose of Society Space bot is to draw attention to Society Space server!
Technology | Programming
A publication dedicated to bringing the latest news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing. And IT News.
Anime | Social
This is an alpha/beta bot to be tested there are the basic things on there and still trying to addmore cmds have fun and please join our server so we can have feedback!!