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Bot | Entertainment
A free discord bot to help manage your channel and provide entertainment functions. All features are free to use with no commands locked behind a premium paywall. you can get support on your discord server here:
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Bot | Streaming
community around disstreamchat
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Shinki has been developed for creators to connect their content with their community. However with a large range of features, Shinki will fit well into anyone's server! Fully controlled from our dashboard - Permissions need to be set in the panel by administrators before use. Server owner can set access to the restricted parts of the panel Moderation, including kick, ban, mute, warn, whois, and temprole. Set custom actionable words, link deletion and logging of deleted/edited messages. Comprehensive ticketing system. Security system stopping anyone from posting without reacting to a role and agreeing to the rules Donations - support your content or server by accepting donations, sell roles, text based messages including links and sell physical goods using the bot in your server. Connect your streams and various platforms directly to your server through Streamlabs, Twitch with many more to come! Stream Timer -use Shinki’s stream timer for your next subathon, every donation can add