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Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
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Radio X Discord Server Banner
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Music | Entertainment | Memes
A Discord music/radio bot that plays live streams radio, YouTube music/streams, Spotify music/streams and many more ...
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Role-Playing | Gaming
L'économie, l'art, l'architecture et la guerre sont les maitres mots de ReignRP. Durant un diner ou une partie de chasse, un champ de bataille ou une soirée au théâtre, il vous faudra vous montrer stratège et diplomate afin de faire de votre ville la plus puissante de l'empire. Profitez d'une soirée au théâtre, d'un bal du palais impériale et encore bien d'autres activités.
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Bot | Community
Itzgabo comunity 1.- Quieres apoyarme a crecer? 2.- Quieres ver videos/streams entretenidos? En este sever podras 🙂 Algunos Beneficios 🤖 •︱Bots de todo tipo ⭐ • ︱Buena estética 📷• ︱Videos y Directos Constantes 🎟️• ︱Sistema de tickets ✅• ︱Podras Apoyarme 😀• ︱Memes 🍄• ︱Champicraft NUEVO SERVER INVITACION
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Gaming | Social
Para unirte a nuestra comunidad solo tienes que hacer clic en el botón ''Join Server'' En nuestra comunidad podrás chatear, hacer nuevos amigos, buscar equipo para jugar, escuchar música, jugar a mini juegos, leer las guías de ayuda, reportar usuarios, solicitar ayuda a nuestro equipo de soporte y muchas más cosas interesantes...
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Social | Gaming
✨▬▬ 🌍▬▬▛ PlanexCraft - Network ▜▬▬🌍 ▬▬✨ Únete a nuestro servidor que tiene boxpvp, oneblock y Survival Custom. Puedes subir de rango estando en nuestro servidor de forma gratuita. JAVA Y BEDROCK. ◆Abierto las 24 horas. ◇Premium, noPremium Y BEDROCK. ❖Rangos VIP, VIP+ y PREMIUM. ◇Soporte por tickets. ❖SlimeFun. ◇Survival Custom. ❖Oneblock. ◇Y muchas cosas más en nuestra modalidad Survival Custom. ⚡¡Entra y averigua si eres lo suficiente bueno para obtener el rango más alto de PlanexCraft! ⚡ 🌍IP JAVA: 🌍IP BEDROCK: PUERTO: 19132 🌍Discord: 🌍Tienda: ⭐1.8 - 1.20.4⭐
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Anime | Bot
Hytale Bot is the most extensive, powerful, and popular Hytale themed Discord bot out there! From the people who brought you
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Bot | Gaming
We are a small community of gamers that love to code and develop bots. The owner Brad has a bot called Abuse!
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Community | Streaming
Аз съм българче и силна майка мене е родила; с хубости, блага обилна мойта родина е мила. Аз съм българче. Обичам наште планини зелени, българин да се наричам — първа радост е за мене. Аз съм българче свободно, в край свободен аз живея, всичко българско и родно любя, тача и милея. Аз съм българче и расна в дни велики, в славно време, син съм на земя прекрасна, син съм на юнашко племе.
Furry | Social
WOOOW!!!!!! Você está viajando de carro, mas opa... Seu pneu já eeeera!! Avista uma grande mansão no topo de uma colina verde, e... "CARAMBA, É A MANSÃO EMERALD!!!" "Mansão Emerald?" "ISSO MESMO AMIGÃO, A MANSÃO DO FOZINHO13HD!!" Temos quase tudo para garantir a sua estadia o tempo que precisar, como: • Salas de bate papo tematizadas; • Tv com memes, músicas, etc...; • "Rádio" NEWS, com notícias sobre games, incluindo Updates do Minecraft; • Sistema monetário com jogos, itens e posses; • Eventos com premiação durante datas comemorativas; • Farm simulator super completo, com nossa fazenda à alguns metros da mansão; • E MUITO MAIS, ENTREM PARA DAR UMA OLHADINHA!!! PS: Não é um RP, é apenas uma temática! Leiam as regras para não serem punidos, obgd ^w^!!
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Gaming | Entertainment
Funny jokes and other things that can engage users. Commands: c:commands, lists all of the commands. c:joke, sends a Minecraft related joke. c:selfie, sends the pfp of the bot. yo, sends Yo!. too far, if you say something is too far, Chonky Chicken will agree. ?, ask a question ending in ? and Chonky Chicken will respond with yes or no. Those are all of the commands so far. I might add more commands and will definitely add more jokes and responses.
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Gaming | Bot
A bot to connect Minecraft with Discord! About Minecat is a Discord Bot to connect Minecraft with Discord, it works with SpigotMC/PaperMC/Bukkit compatible Minecraft servers. The plugin download can be found on SpigotMC's resources page Current Features The current features connected with Minecraft (may not be updated) include - See chat from Minecraft in Discord - See chat from Discord (specified channel) in Minecraft - See advancements from Minecraft in Discord - See join messages from Minecraft in Discord - See leave messages from Minecraft in Discord
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Memes | Bot
Hello there, as an founder of sparty bot we/sparty Team always try to provide you with best user experience we will keep adding more commands to our bot, which you can use for free of cost!! we would be very happy to see Sparty in your discord server, you can always kick it if u want in future, i am sure you'll love it :D we currently have Utlity, Moderation, Fun, Images, Music categories and much more coming soon in future!!
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Gaming | Technology
O SmitMc é um Servidor Minecraft focado em Factions! // Factions Clássico | Temporada #1 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Bot | Entertainment
Talk with AI Characters of KPOP Idols, Anime, Real People or your own Fantasy Character ✨ Powered by google's gemini 💪(No Cooldowns)
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Bot | Entertainment
Talk with AI Characters of KPOP Idols, Anime, Real People or your own Fantasy Character ✨ Powered by google's gemini 💪(No Cooldowns)
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Bot | Gaming
Esse e para ser um bot simples e pode te ajudar ao dia a dia com funções legais e muito mais, Comandos: /fortnite, /minecraft, /user e etc......
Investing | Financial
If you’re passionate about investing, you’re in the right place. From experienced associates to industry-leading education and technology, we provide the knowledge you need to become an even smarter investor.
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Gaming | Entertainment
This is a Bot Similar To Mee6 But Its Fully Free and Its fun Its has Security Features And a Custon Admin Panned So What Are you wanting for Invite It
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Financial | Growth
ShopBot transforms Discord into a monetization powerhouse! 🚀 Features include: Game Support: 🎮 Sell Minecraft in-game items directly on Discord. Intuitive Dashboard: 💻 User-friendly product creation and detailed server economy management. Fast Setup: 🏋️ Quick and easy setup with multiple payment options. Endless Customization: 🎨 Customizable Discord embeds for products with a Buy button. Products You Can Sell: 🚀 Your imagination is your only limitation! Automatic Actions! 🦾 Customize post-purchase actions: Send custom messages. Generate custom channels with specific access roles. Ask buyers questions before claiming products. Advantages: Better communication on store products 🌐. Everything on Discord 👌 for a streamlined experience. Full token generation management. Peace of mind 😴 with easy product testing. Ease for players/members 🙌 with a simplified buying process. Still not convinced? 🤨 Get ShopBot now !
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Programming | Bot
Wither Bot is a Discord Bot inspired by Minecraft. It has got Moderation and fun functionalities! There are some commands for Hypixel/Skyblock (stats calculation, Hypixel stats viewer and more) This bot also includes buttons in the Applications menu of a user
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Music | Gaming
Hey There! I am Spoffy and I want to make your discord server fun, useful, relaxing by using all commands for music and last but not least safe from all people who break the rules by using moderation commands. Almost every day the bot does an update and all features are checked by volunteer testers, but if you have a closer eye than theirs and you have noticed that there is a bug inside you can simply do the .bugreport command and the bug will be analyzed immediately. okok, I understand your problem: you have more bots in your server besides Spoffy and you don't know how to manage them with all these prefixes all the same; with spoffy this problem is solved, just use slash commands!
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Bot | Gaming
- How the bot works - Type /help to get the advanced version of this. This is how it works. Whn you type __/modal__ it giev you the model and whn you interact with __started__ __queue__ it started the queue and whn youn click on __join__ __queue__ you join the queue and the your name shows up on the imbed and whn you click on __leave__ __queue__ it remove you form the queue and then you can click on __Refrech__ __Queue__ and it updates the embed and whn you type __/queueticket__ it open a queue Ticket with the admin at the 1st person in the queue and then it updates the queue and whn you click on __close__ __queue__ it closes the queue and goes back to the modal.