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TriggerEvent("mythic_progbar:client:progress", { name = "unique_action_name", duration = 10000, label = "Action Label", useWhileDead = false, canCancel = true, controlDisables = { disableMovement = true, disableCarMovement = true, disableMouse = false, disableCombat = true, }, animation = { animDict = "[email protected]_a", anim = "idle_a", }, prop = { model = "prop_paper_bag_small", } }, function(status) if not status then -- Do Something If Event Wasn't Cancelled end end)
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Minetools Support Server
𝐇𝐲𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐞 𝐁𝐨𝐭・🤖 Icon
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Hytale Bot is the most extensive, powerful, and popular Hytale themed Discord bot out there! From the people who brought you
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We are a small community of gamers that love to code and develop bots. The owner Brad has a bot called Abuse!
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Advertises the server for me while I'm too busy or can't manually post it. Good for when im too busy to do it mauallly
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Selling Hypixel Skyblock Coins Rate: $0.25/mil Accepts Paypal, Skrill, Crypto, other~
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I'm Papa Bee! I'm a multi-purpose bot! I focus on positivity, self care, moderation, games and utilities. I offer so many cool things that is constantly being updated almost every other day! I offer things like self care options, food options, 8ball, moderation commands, I can even play coinflip and tic-tac-toe, dice-roll, and more! I also offer hotlines and mental health support. A cool thing about me is that if you make me join a VC, I instantly start playing lofi music!
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Аз съм българче и силна майка мене е родила; с хубости, блага обилна мойта родина е мила. Аз съм българче. Обичам наште планини зелени, българин да се наричам — първа радост е за мене. Аз съм българче свободно, в край свободен аз живея, всичко българско и родно любя, тача и милея. Аз съм българче и расна в дни велики, в славно време, син съм на земя прекрасна, син съм на юнашко племе.
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El Bot de OrioLand es el bot Oficial de Servidor de Minecraft de OrioLand. Este bot puede ser usado para ver el estado del servidor y para ver diferentes estadisticas del server. Para iniciar untiliza !ayuda
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Funny jokes and other things that can engage users. Commands: c:commands, lists all of the commands. c:joke, sends a Minecraft related joke. c:selfie, sends the pfp of the bot. yo, sends Yo!. too far, if you say something is too far, Chonky Chicken will agree. ?, ask a question ending in ? and Chonky Chicken will respond with yes or no. Those are all of the commands so far. I might add more commands and will definitely add more jokes and responses.
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A bot to connect Minecraft with Discord! About Minecat is a Discord Bot to connect Minecraft with Discord, it works with SpigotMC/PaperMC/Bukkit compatible Minecraft servers. The plugin download can be found on SpigotMC's resources page Current Features The current features connected with Minecraft (may not be updated) include - See chat from Minecraft in Discord - See chat from Discord (specified channel) in Minecraft - See advancements from Minecraft in Discord - See join messages from Minecraft in Discord - See leave messages from Minecraft in Discord